Study on Affordable Tuition at Kazan Federal University, Russia

Kazan Federal University is a community of friendly and welcoming people who love their institution, appreciate the value of diversity and culture and are and are eager to help international applicants explore what it means to be a KFU student.

The institution seeks promising students who will contribute to our community during their college years and to society throughout their lives.

While academic accomplishment is important, the Admission panel will also take into consideration many other factors—strong personal qualities, special talents or excellence of all kinds, and the ability to take advantage of available resources and opportunities.

Undergraduate study

KFU expects international students to possess a secondary school diploma and secondary school examination results that would enable them to attend university in their home country.

Results on basic subjects in the certificate of secondary education are expected to be equal to no less than 80% of the maximum grade attainable. Candidates are also expected to have received good marks in other subjects.

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Graduate study

Those graduates already holding a Bachelor’s degree and applying for admission to Master’s degree programmes must file their Bachelor’s degree academic certificates.

Postgraduate study

Those candidates who possess a Master’s Degree in Science/Arts or a Specialist Diploma can be admitted to the post-graduate course of study (Aspirantura) at Russian higher educational institutions.

Language Requirement

If you do not speak Russian, you have to take the one-year language training course at KFU International Preparatory School. Studies at Preparatory School are not included in the general University curriculum.

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Tuition Fees

The tuition fee charged at this university is low and affordable. Tuition ranges from $3,000 to $4,000 per year.

How to Apply

To initiate the process of applying to Kazan Federal University, begin this online application process




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