Study Nursing on Low Tuition in Europe plus Tuition Fees

Bachelor of science in Nursing in Europe is a three year academic program in science and principles of nursing.The nursing program is intended for high school and graduate students who want to enter the healthcare industry with sophisticated nursing skills. There is also an option for candidates to opt in for the course work.

The nursing program is organized by universities or colleges and lead to bachelor of nursing degrees being awarded.Also, you can proceed to a master of science in nursing shortly thereafter.

Advantages of studying nursing  in Europe

-You will interact with professional nursing and physician staff.

-You will have access to the best health care facilities and clinic.

-You will also have the opportunity of exploring other scientific development in other fields.


-High school diploma or a secondary school leaving certificate qualifying you for admision to a university or medical program.

-Standard level and understanding of biology, shown by your high school leaving certifcate.

-Written and spoken english proficiency at least at a B2 level.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for bachelor of science in nursing in Europe varies very largely from universities, countries and languages. The most affordable in Europe taught in English is $4,000 per year.

Job Opportunities

Nurses are needed greatly in Europe and beyond. Your nursing degree will definitely serve you well after graduation. Below are some of their job areas:


-Integrated Health Care Industry.

-Public Health

-Nursing Homes


-Teaching positions at colleges, hospitals and universities.

-Industrial nurse


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