Study medicine on low tuition in Hungary

hungaryMedical studies in Hungary hold the highest standard within the European union. The relatively comfortable admission procedure plus low tuition make Hungary a much desired study abroad destination for international students.Hungary has four medical universities that lecture in English.These universities offer medical programs in english namely; Medicine, Pharmacology and dentistry programs.

List of Medical Universities

The universities are: Semmelweis University, Debrecen University, Szeged University and Pecs University.A medical degree from a university in Hungary is recognized in the European union and in the US.

English medical degree

If becoming a medical doctor is your dream and you have both the brains and resources, then you should consider the 6 year english medical degree program in Hungary and would cost a fraction of what it would take to study medicine elsewhere.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Hungary is much lower than that of other european countries. You should expect to spend about $950 per month.However, if you are desiring to study in Budapest, then the amount could go higher since this is a very expensive city in the country.

Admission requirements

All applicants would be expected to pass an entrance examination that includes a two and a half hour multi-choice questions in Biology, Chemistry, English and Medical English.For the oral section of the exams, the professor will interview students about medical topics. No pressure, if you prepare well you will be fine!

Application timelines

Interested applicants should submit applications by June 30, however bear in mind that early application is always the best deal.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for say a general medical 6 year program is $18,000 USD.However this amount can vary from uni to uni.

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