Study Medicine on Low tuition in Estonia

estoniaIf you are an international student and are considering studying medicine in an English destination, then the University of Tartu, faculty of medicine Estonia is one of the best options you can ever think of. University of Tartu is reputed for offering high quality academic studies and research as well as an excellent reputation of the diplomas their students receive after graduation. This medical university offers top quality and accredited degrees in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Studies in Estonian and English languages as well.

Application deadline to Medical study at Tartu University in Engliah

If a student desires to apply for English medical program at Tartu University, the student should prepare the following required documents early enough.  The results of admission into the University programs are announced at the beginning of June of every academic year. Below is an approximated deadline for submitting applications:

  • December:  Application system opens;
  • April:  Deadline for Medicine in English;
  • Jun:  Final admission results for Medicine in English are announced;

Please bear in mind that admission spaces are reserved only for the best candidates.

Admission requirements at Medical study at Tartu University in English Medium

A core requirement for applying is to have SAT test in Biology with a minimum score 640). Additionally, applicants must submit a motivation letter. Admission takes place on the basis of a ranking list. When ranking applicants, both the SAT score (50%) and motivation letter (50%) factor into the admission decision.

Required Documents;

  • Motivation letter – Note that guidelines and evaluation criteria are both included in the online application form;
  • Submit also the results of SAT test in Biology ( remember minimum score is 640);
  • An Official copy of the secondary copy of the passport page clearing stating the applicant’s personal particulars;
  • School certificate and grade list in the original language*;
  • Note that only Certified translations of the secondary school certificate and grade list into English would be accepted;

* Please note that in order to be considered official, all certificates must bear a seal, and a signature of an authorized official. Official documents must be provided from the institution awarding the secondary school certificate. Documents sent with an Apostille are official as well.

  • Please note that only official score reports sent straight from the testing centre are accepted. The score recipient code for the University of Tartu is 6424.
  • Upper secondary school certificates submitted to the university must include description of grading scale.
  • Students accepted to the university cannot postpone beginning of their studies to the next academic year.

Tuition fee: medical program in English of Tartu University

Tuition fee of medical program in English of Tartu University is pegged at 11000 Euros. This fee is affordable for international students and be paid in two installments per semester (5500 Euro/semester).


For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to or call +2348125835476

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