Study medicine on low tuition in Belgium for International Students

belgiummmIf you have a keen interest in helping the sick or those in distress then you should choose the medical profession.If you are planning to study medicine in Europe, then you should apply to study in Belgium.This is an ideal country to study abroad, since it is a multilingual and multicultural environment.Belgium is an ideal place for international students to pursue their academic ambitions. And of course the tuition fee is low and affordable compared to other European countries.

Requirements for admission

If you wish to pursue medical or dentistry program from leading colleges and universities in Belgium, you should have received a high school degree from an accredited high school.However you should be above 18 years to be allowed to undertake a course.Also note that in order to get admitted into your desired medical program, you should have studied Chemistry, Biology and Physics in your previous course.Good grades on these courses will help you to enjoy admission preference when you apply.

Documents to provide

Once you have identified the college you will be applying to, send your application to the administration for approval.Use the letter of approval to complete the admission procedure.Submit also testimonies of your previous courses along with your CV written in English, french, German or Spanish.

Tuition cost

The cost of studying a medical program in Belgium is way cheaper than in many European countries. However, you will still receive a world class education even at this affordable rate.The standard fee for a European student is 835 Euros per year whereas an international student should budget 1600-3500 Euros per year for tuition fees.

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