Study Medicine on Cheapest Tuition at the University Of Pleven, Bulgaria

Application Deadline: 1st October

Accredited by the National Evaluation of Accreditation Agency, which is a full member of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), the Medical University of Pleven is said to be one of the best medical universities in Europe. The university offers different programs of study, including nursing, midwifery, and medicine, in English and Bulgarian. For international students taking medicine in Bulgarian language, the university offers a one year preparatory course of the Bulgarian language. The Medicine program takes 6 years, while Nursing and Midwifery take only 4 years.


The Medical University of Pleven is the cheapest medical university in Bulgaria. The tuition fees vary from program to program.

Program/Course Duration Fee (Euros)
Medicine in English or Bulgarian language 6 years 5,500
Nursing in English or Bulgarian language 4 years 3,000
Midwifery in English or Bulgarian language 4 years 3,000
Post graduate specialization courses in Bulgarian language 3 to 5 years 4,800
Post graduate studies for Ph.D. Degree in Bulgarian language   4,800
English/Bulgarian preparatory course 1 year 3,100
The yearly tuition fee can be paid on equal parts in the beginning of each semester



The main entry requirements for first year candidates are:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent with at least 62% of average high school results and 62% in Biology and Chemistry as basic subjects to further university medical studies for non-European Union (EU), European Union Area (EEA), and Switzerland medical university candidate students.
  • Health certificate: medical student candidates have to be in good health mentally, physically, and without daisies incompatible with a medical career.
  • Valid passport (travelling document) or ID card for those students from EU, EEA and Switzerland.
  • Finance for tuition and living expenses: candidate must have own source of financing their medical studies and stay in Bulgaria by either student loans, sponsors, or parents.
  • Health insurance: student must have health insurance that works in Bulgaria or apply for medical insurance when they get there.
  • English or Bulgarian language proficiency: the candidate must have a good command of the English or Bulgarian language. A candidate with not enough command for either of the languages, depending on course selected, might have to take a year-long preparatory course.
  • Entry test: candidate might have to take an entry test in Chemistry and Biology.
  • Respect of application deadline.


  • Applications for February intake start 1st of June the previous year and close on 1st of October.
  • How to apply chart.


  • The university offers student hostel accommodation on-campus.
  • However, sometimes the number of rooms or flats for international students is limited and priority is given to students with Bulgarian scholarship.
  • Most students prefer to rent private accommodation or an individual flat near the campus. The student accommodation rent prices range from 50 to 80 Euros per month for student rooms in student hostel, and 150 to 300 Euros per month for private accommodation/flat. Sharing private accommodation usually reduces costs for most students.
  • Singing a contract with the landlord/landlady is mandatory for international medical students in Bulgaria, since it is one of the necessary requirements for the issuance of a long staying visa permit (for non-EU/EEA students) and proof of residence for issuance of Residence Permit at the Local Immigration Office (for EU/EEA students). For those staying in student hostel, this documents is automatically given by the university after final registration.
  • Students opting for off-campus private rooms should also be aware to select places around their university or those with a good transport network.

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