Study Medicine in South Africa plus Tuition fees and list of medical Universities

SA10Students of South African origin or from Southern African Development Community region shall pay R46,000 equivalent of $4,600, but non-south African students coming from outside SADC region shall pay R145,000($14,500) which covers tuition fee only excluding feeding and lodging.

List of participating Medical Universities

  • University of Transkei (UNITRA), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • University of Natal, Faculty of Medicine
  • Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA), Faculty of Medicine
  • University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine
  • University of Pretoria, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • University of Stellenbosch, Faculty of Health Sciences – School of Medicine
  • University of Cape Town, Faculty of Medicine
  • University of the Orange Free State, Faculty of Medicine


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