Study Medicine At Low Cost At The University Of Copenhagen, Denmark

Application Deadline: 15th March

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is the central part of Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. It is known to be the oldest university and research institution in Denmark. It is also the largest educational institution in Denmark. The university is divided into six faculties that offer over 200 programs in law, health and medical sciences, humanities, social sciences and theology. It has four campuses across the city with a total of over 40,000 students and 9,000 employees. In 2015, the he UCPH’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences was ranked second in Scandinavia, seventh in Europe and twenty fourth world wide.

Courses Offered

The university offers certification from Bachelor’s to PhD graduates. The programmes are divided into a variety of schools within the faculty. Examples include:

  • School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal sciences
  • School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • School of Human Health and Medicine
  • School of Oral Health Sciences

How To Apply

The application form for admission to BSc and MSc can be found here.

Admission Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission to a Bachelor’s degree programme, the student need to fulfil the following admission requirements before 5th July:

  1. General Admission Requirements
  2. Specific Admission Requirements
  3. Danish Language Qualifications

 General Admission Requirements

The general admission requirements is that each applicant must have completed their upper secondary school education/ high school diploma. For some countries, the upper secondary school education is not enough and needs to be supplemented with one or two years of higher education.


Preliminary Assessment Of Credentials

The University of Copenhagen offers preliminary assessment of applicant’s educational credentials from 1st September to 12th December in order to show to what degree the student’s credentials meet the admission requirements for the chosen bachelor’s programme. Applicant must attach all examination documents in order for the assessment to be carried out.

Specific Admission Requirements

All applicants need to fulfil the requirement of Danish A-level, understood as their mother tongue at the highest level and English B-level. Foreign applicants must also meet these specific admission requirements:

Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences Mathematics A, Physics B and Chemistry B. Grade average of minimum 6 (Danish grading scale). For admission in quote 2, you also need to pass an entrance examination
Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Studies at the Faculty of Health Sciences Mathematics A, Physics B and Chemistry B. Grade average of minimum 6 (Danish grading scale) for Pharmaceutical Studies
Faculty of Sciences Mathematics A in all study programmes, Physics and Chemistry B or A in most of the study programmes
Psychology and the rest of the Faculty of Social Sciences Mathematics B and History or Social Science B

 Here is the list of documents the applicant will need to provide.

Danish Language Qualification

  • All Bachelor’s programmes are taught only in Danish. Therefore, all foreign applicants need to provide proof that they have academic language skills in Danish.
  • Applicants can obtainDanish language qualifications by passing the ‘Studieprøven i dansk’, which is a nationally recognised test for foreign language speakers administered by numerous language schools in Denmark.

Fee Structure

  • Fees are free for EU students
  • For International students, fees vary between US$6,550-US$17,590 per year.
  • Students can also apply for the Danish Government Scholarship



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