Study Masters on low Tuition in Spain

spainnnnIf you have successfully completed your undergraduate program in engineering or sciences and wondering which low tuition country to consider for an graduate program, you should consider studying in Spain. Spain is known globally for its excellent educational standards and international faculties, that explains why studying in Spain can provide you with the much needed boost-up for your employment opportunities. The best part of pursuing an engineering degree in Spain is the exceptional choice in discipline that the universities offer. As you study in this country, you will be privileged to enjoy the vibrancy of the colorful culture with the disciplined focus on the field of your expertise.

More Details on Graduate Program

As you review the top universities and engineering institutions in Spain for course offers, you will no doubt be impressed. Some of the master’s programs that you can consider pursuing are civil engineering, aerospace and technology, electronics engineering, nanotechnology amongst others. You might consider the uncommon disciplines, as well if you have a knack for the unusual. You should equally consider earning a master’s degree in any of the following disciplines such as, artificial intelligence, web engineering, urban development, sound and music technology, computational grid and parallelism.The course duration can go upto 2 years generally.

Eligibility Requirements

As an international student, please note that whether you are opting for a public university or a private institution for pursuing a graduate program, the basic entry requirements are the same. For enrolling in a private institution of top level and according to your choice of discipline, you might have to provide additional documents, interview or give tests. On the other hand, the basic requirement for enrolling in a master’s program is a relevant undergraduate diploma or degree in engineering. A minimum of 3.0 GPA score is required to become eligible for applying to the program. In addition, you might have to submit adequate recommendation letters, essays and other official documents.

Visa Documents Required

As an Indian student opting to pursue a graduate level program in Spain, you will be required to apply for an appropriate student visa. One of the basic documents that need to be submitted is your admission acceptance letter from the university. Some of the basic documents that you have to submit to attain the visa are completed visa application form, official and educational transcripts, medical certificates, passport with more than 3 months of validity, traveling insurance, health insurance of at least 30,000 Euros and photographs. You have to provide proofs of financial assets required to fund your studying abroad.

Tuition fees

When you have to consider the tuition fees for a master’s program in Engineering, especially in Spain, you will find a vast difference in the expenses between the public and private universities. If you are opting to study in a public institution, you should know that the fees structure is determined by the government and is, therefore, the same for all. The total cost that you can expect to incur is around 1300 Euros per academic year. For private institutions, the expenses can range from 12,800 Euros to 33,900 Euros for an academic year. However, the program fees include all tuition, housing, cultural fees, field trip expenses and other program support fees.

Language Requirements

The primary medium of instructions prevailing in the Spanish universities is English and Spainish. As an international student, you can opt to select a program with English as your medium of instruction. However, as an Indian student, you will have to provide TOEFL or IELTS score as proof of your proficiency in English language. As such, there are no mandatory language requirements for being eligible to apply for a program. This is because; you will have to take up Spanish as a compulsory language besides your chosen courses of study in the university.

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