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lawBasic Overview

In Germany, there are various aspects of law courses including examination curricula, regulations and trainings which have all been modernized to prepare intending lawyers for practicing law efficiently. There are equally various institutions offering Bachelor’s degree in law programmes. However,please note that these degrees do not qualify students for direct admission to any administrative positions.

Legal Study Structure

Law as a discipline is taught at traditional universities. The basic study stage comprises of three to four semesters culminating in an intermediary examination. This is then followed by the main study stage where the students graduate from the first state examination. For complete qualification, aspiring law students are required to engage in a professional practical training period of two years that comes under the second state examination. You will be required to study subjects in the core areas of civil, public, criminal and procedural law. In addition, the students will have the option of specializing in optional modules, in obligatory fields. You can opt for internship period within Germany or abroad.


Bachelor’s Programme:

If you have a deep interest in pursuing a law degree in Germany, it is important we state here that  they have an integrated course. To be eligible for admission, you will be required to present a school leaving certificate equivalent to German school leaving certificate. You will also need to pass the Test for Academic Studies or TestAS successfully. In case of insufficient qualification, you can equally  opt for a preparatory course which will result in an Assessment Test, in the relevant field

Tuition Fees

Both local and international students are charged zero tuition fees. However, a rough estimate of the living expenses you can expect to incur on accommodation, food and health insurance could be within the scale of 650 to 1000 euros per year.

Part time job

Foreign students are allowed to work as for a maximum of 90 full days or 18

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