RussiaRussia is currently the largest country across the seven continents. It has a total land mass of over six million miles. Russia spans across north of Asia and Europe. International students studying in Russia will receive very high quality of education that’ll rank among the best across the world. History students studying in Russia will find it as one of the best places to study history.


Russian universities allow international students the unique choice of choosing from a wide range of courses to study. International students deciding to study literature will have the greatest privilege of studying the world’s famous writers such as Anton Chekhov, Leo Tolstroy and Alexander Pushkin in these authors’ home country. International students wishing to study in Russia should at least have studied Russian language for one full year. However, there is a special exception for students wishing to study medicine, English management and engineering as they don’t have to go through the one year language program.

                                           WHAT DO I NEED TO STUDY IN RUSSIA?

For international students wishing to study in Russia, they’ll need to obtain a student visa.

                                       HOW CAN AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT OBTAIN A VISA?

To be eligible for a visa, you’ll need to submit all necessary documents including university invitation letter and letter of finances to the Russian consulate in your country.

                                   HOW TO GET A RUSSIAN ADMISSION LETTER

Email all necessary educational documents to the university. Email me for more information.

                               LOW TUITION UNIVERSITIES


  • Over 1200 students are studying in this university, with international students from over 53 countries constituting one third of the student population.



  • This institution was established in 1940 and currently hosts a diverse student body.

                       PENZA STATE UNIVERSITY

  • Although developing at such a fast rate, this university is still keeping its prestigious Russian traditions.

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