1. Heloo admin! I am jeffrey kenneth a 28 years old boy whom has patiently sorted for this oppurtunity for 11years now.
    Plsease help me out. I am passionately daring to be a world changer through the knowledge of medcine and surgery but has been un favoured for some time now.
    Here I am again@ your mercies crying out loud to be assisted to as to impact lifes,put smiles on faces and ingraine legacies in the world of medicine through divine inventions and ideas burning in me,
    There are so many others passionately burning with zeal to study in any low tuition free school if not frEe….we will live to be endepted to this great institution and countary….long live this great institution,long live Nigeria,long live I myself…
    Thanks for an anticipated. Positive response… you!!!!!

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