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indiansGermany just as its Latin roots in the word Germanus which means ‘genuine’ truly proves its mettle in all the sectors especially education. Being the largest country in Central Europe and one of the influential economies of the world, Germany is trusted for its state of the art technology and higher studies.

But don’t let the Nazi era veil its grand historical regions and the unique cultural diversity.

Having higher studies in mind with immense passion for cars and technology, studying in Germany is what you need to have as your next best shot! Not only does it have to offer you around 17,500 degree programmes as your higher study options but it also fascinates us with its nearly 400 higher studies institutions, about 120 equivalent  universities, 50 art colleges and around  190 universities on administration and sciences, clearly shouting out a call to consider your study options in Germany.

Study levels varying from bachelors to masters to doctoral, Germany has got immense opportunities from disciplines of science, engineering, arts, music, theatre and many more.

There are about 16 Federal states in Germany that gets to decide over the country’s higher education laws and observe strict competency throughout making your higher studies in Germany as not only cut throat but quintessentially to the best!

There is no denying the fact that if you wish to study in Germany then you are going to experience an education system which believes in unifying the learning with research. After all that’s what studies are! You study thoroughly and your learning out of it is what your research actually is!

Not only you are going to study your discipline but the rich culture and the society you are going to delve in will prove your stay in Germany truly worthwhile.

True that Germans love their language but never do the universities in Germany compromise this language barrier at the cost of their global prestige on higher studies for students round the globe. There are over 350 universities that provide courses to be taught in English with due international credentials to your degree.

Majority of the higher education institutions being state financed with many of the German states ending the tuition fees in all public universities makes studying in Germany free for international under Graduate students. Though there are certain administration and per semester charges but these low costs certainly attract many international students to come study in Germany. The average cost of studying in Germany amounts to just US$10,520 per year, which is US$540 for school fees and US$9,980 for yearly cost of living.

There are almost 32% of the students from Asia opting to study in Germany.

Your studies in Germany will not only stand you apart to consider you by your future employers but will also prove to be an excellent opportunity to see through the grand metropolises, nature, beaches and not to forget the easy access to other neighboring cities of Paris and Rome.

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