Study in Europe: Top reasons you should study in Italy

italyIf the smell of fresh baked pizzas, the tolling bells from the centuries old churches and a high class overseas degree is what you are looking for, then Italy is the perfect destination for you. Delved deep in to the European culture, this is the country where the renaissance of the West literally began. This is the country where genius artists, scientists, religious men and many more moulded the shape of the European culture we see now. So if any student wants to get admitted in to top universities in Italy, here is what you should know about such universities:

List of various top universities  in Italy

University of Milan: Milan was ranked as 21st in the world QS rankings as the best city to live. Regarded as the best employer activity generated in the past year, this university attracts students from a plethora of courses like arts, fashion, technology etc. The basic requirement however here is the ability to speak Italian, hence passing a language exam is necessary.

  • University of Roma: This University is amongst the top two hundred universities in the entire world. Moreover this is the school which offered a masters in English literature and language for the first time in Italy. Hence the basic requirement structure for Italian is little relaxed here and students can look the official university site to know further.
  • John Cabot University: This is mini university with over one hundred thousand students but because of its small size the basic requirement to get in to it are relaxed too. And the best part is that it offers to its students the American feel with dorms and sororities and much more.

Other than these the things to notice about Italy is the Bologna process which started in Italy and spread throughout Europe ensured that the higher education would become an essential part of a student’s life. Before this the concept of formal education was still a flaky one. To study in Italy one must remember that everyone is treated equally and so should the international students going there to study.

Studying in Italy is actually a life changing experience because the world class universities present in Italy offers the students a chance to stand out from the crowd, also the culture which a student will experience when studying in Italy is so great that it can’t be compared to that of anywhere else. Why not apply to study in Italy. For info on the list of low tuition universities in Italy, click here 

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