Study in China at Lowest Cost for International Students

China officially known as the people’s republic of China, is an East Asian country with a population of about 1.37billion. Its capital is its capital and has Shanghai as its financial center. The official language in Mandarin. However, China has 56 ethnic groups with various languages.

Fees Composition

Application fees vary from major and university with price ranges of $90 to $150, a common maximum being $200.


The tuition fees for Chinese universities is low compared to most UK and USA universities. The estimated average tuition fee ranges from around $3300 to $9900 per year.


Universities in China often offer scholarships after the first year of study. However, for some that offer scholarships starting in the first year, applications are open as soon as university applications are released for all students including bachelors, degree, masters and doctoral programs.

Application Dates

Most university applications are open from April/May and close by end of July. Admissions are release by August and students are expected to be in School by early September.

How To Apply

Click here to apply to low tuition and free universities in China.

Apply For A Student Visa

For student whose study will only take 6 or less months, they should apply for an X2 Visa, whereas those who intend to stay longer should apply for an X1 Visa.


  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months and at least 1 blank page.
  2. Complete Visa application form
  3. One recent passport sized photo.
  4. Original & copy of approved Foreign Student Visa Application form: JW201 or JW202 (offered by university upon admission).
  5. Original and copy of Admission letter from the university.

X1 holders should apply for a Temporary Residence Form from their local Public Security Bureau as soon as they get settled in China.

Cost of living

 Due to the low cost of labour and materials, China is one of the most affordable places to live in. However, living in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai will be more expensive than smaller cities and the countryside. The cost of living should be about $650 per month in Beijing or Shanghai.

Apartment: $360 to $510 (However, note that if you are a student you are unlikely to incur this cost as you will stay on the school campus)

Electricity + Water + Internet: $60

Meal: $1.50 per plate. Note that meal prices may increase based on your diet and where you eat. Meals including meat and eating at certain restaurants may be more expensive. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost $2.90 while McDonalds or similar combo meals may cost up to $4.50.

Transport: $22 per month if you use the subway. Taxis tend to be more expensive.

Therefore, for a student $100-$150 per month will cover all expenses. Depending on the person’s spending habits, they could spend way less or more.


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