Study free in the University of Bremen, Germany

bremenPublic universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees and the university of Bremen is one of such universities. Simply put, public universities in Germany are free tuition.However you would be required to pay fees for housing, food, books and other personal expenses. To find out how much you would be required to pay for living expenses, click here. Now lets discuss the application process to study at the University of Bremen for international students.

Application deadline

*Winter semester: Submit application on or before the 15th of July.

*Summer semester: Submit your application on or before the 15th of January.Note that there is no specific deadline to apply for a preparations course.Say, German language preparatory classes.

How to apply

For international student application(applicants from outside the EU), you will need to submit your application via uni assist. If you did your previous education outside of the european union, you would be required to submit your application via uni assist.

Required documents(undergraduate)

*An online application done via uni assist including a duly printed and signed application form.

*A certified official copy of your previous school’s certificate with the grades listed.

*If applicable, an official copy of your university’s entrance examination.

*Applicants who hail from China, Mongolia, or vietman must submit their original APS certificate.

*Note that documents in english language need not be translated.

Additional documents

Some of the courses might prescribe you submit additional courses.These documents are program specific. So decide what your program is and reach out to the department to find out what the extra requirements are.

For general information on how to study free in Europe, click here


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