Study free in Norway: University College of SouthEast

usnThe university College of South East( USN)  is the second largest state owned university measured using the total number of students.A popular university with well over 19,500 students and 1,500 staff spread over eight different campuses. With these number of campuses, the university has a strong and clear presence in one of the country’s vibrant and exciting regions.No doubt, University College of South East has positioned itself as an important university for international students looking to study free in Norway.Now lets examine the entry requirements and admission timelines for international students.

Finance and Student Visa

The university College of Southeast Norway does not charge tuition fees. This free tuition scheme applies to both local and international students. However, everyone is expected to pay a semester registration fee of 110 Euros. Note that if you are not from EU/EEA, you will be required to obtain a study/visa permit . You will also make a deposit which will be used to process your study permit.

Application Deadlines

Applicants outside of EU/EEA: 15 January.

Applicants  within the EU/EEA: 1 March.

Required Documents


All applicants both local and international should upload diplomas and academic documents from secondary and higher education.Note that if your institution does not provide you with an english version of your transcripts, you should upload both the certified copy and translated one onto the online portal.

P.S Documents from Pakistan must be HEC verified.

Documents from China must be verified by China degrees.

Letter of Motivation

Your letter of motivation should not be more than 400 words. You should provide answers to the following questions:

-How did you find out about USN and the program you are applying to?

-What in your educational background/work makes you prepaid for this program?

-Why do you want to study this program?

-What are some of your long term goals per your chosen field?

Note that only international applicants should upload a letter of motivation. Applicants from Norway are exempted from this.

Copy of Passport

The page you upload onto the online portal should show visibly your photo, full name, date of birth and nationality. Norwegian citizens should not apply.


For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to or call +2348125835476

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