Study Free in Germany: University of Bremen and Goethe University


   (1) University of Bremen


It is no news that public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees and the university of Bremen is one of such universities. That simply means, public universities in Germany are free tuition.However once admitted, you would be required to pay fees for housing, food, books and other personal expenses. To find out how much you would be required to pay for living expenses, click here. Now lets talk about the application process required to study at the University of Bremen for international students.

Application deadline

*Winter semester:You are encouraged to  submit applications on or before the 15th of July.

*Summer semester: Submit your application on or before the 15th of January.Note that there is no specific deadline to apply for a preparations course.Say, German language preparatory classes.

How to apply

For international student application(applicants from outside the EU), you will need to submit your application via uni assist. If you did your previous education outside of the european union, you would be required to submit your application via uni assist.

Required documents(undergraduate)

*An online application done via uni assist including a duly printed and signed application form.

*A certified official copy of your previous school’s certificate with the grades listed.

*If applicable, an official copy of your university’s entrance examination.

*Applicants who hail from China, Mongolia, or vietman must submit their original APS certificate.

*Note that documents in english language need not be translated.

Additional documents

Some of the courses might prescribe you submit additional courses.These documents are program specific. So decide what your program is and reach out to the department to find out what the extra requirements are.

For general information on how to study free in Europe, click here


(2) Study free in Goethe University, Germany

The university of Goethe in abiding with German higher education board is equally offering free tuition education to both domestic and international students who accept their admission offer.

Thus, the university has authorized Uni-Assist to pre-evaluate the credentials of all international students except those with a high school qualification from a German institution.

Qualifications for higher education

A’levels, High school Diploma, Baccalaureate, Lise Diplomasi etc.Uni assist will duly check your application materials for admission.

Application Address

Please direct your application materials to the address below:


℅ uni-assist e.V.

11507 Berlin


Please use this application portal to submit your application electronically

Note that you will be required to send supporting materials in paper or hard copy to the address above. So even if you submit your applications electronically, you must print it out and send to the address above.

Required Documents

– Secondary school leaving certificate and all documents which entitle you to study at a university in your country of origin. Note that these documents have to be translated in either English or German. Ensure they are complete.

*Candidates from China, Mongolia and Vietnam will require additional documents.

–  A copy of your passport page showing details only.

–  A receipt showing monetary transactions.

– German language certificate( Note that to gain entrance to Goethe University, you need to present a language certificate showing at least basic knowledge of German at the level B1. However, in a situation where this absent you will be required you can undergo a six month intensive language training in the German university at a fee.


Submit by July 15th for Winter semester and January 15th for Summer semester.Note that by these deadlines, your application should reach Uni Assist. Although application deadlines might vary from uni to uni, always check with uni assist to find out the appropriate date.


Since tuition fees are not charged international students in Germany, you won’t have to worry about paying for tuition. However you will have to pay for 75 Euros for the pre-check of your application by Uni-assist.

When should you pay the fees? Please note that uni-assist will only process your application afterreceipt of your payment! You should pay the fee before or at the same time you post your documents, and we recommend that you enclose a copy of your payment slip in your application documents.How do you pay the fees?

Via credit card (Visa/Master Card). Click here to get the from “credit card”. Fill it in, sign it and send it together with your application.

Via money transfer to uni-assist e.V.:

Benificiary uni-assist e.V.
International bank code IBAN DE62100208900019055272
at the HypoVereinsbank
Branch* Filiale Berlin-Charlottenburg

Leibnizstrasse 100

D-10625 Berlin

As reason for transfer please indicate your name, date of birth, and country of origin

For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to or call +2348125835476

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