Study Free at Oslo and Akhershus University College of Applied Sciences

Oslo is a state owned institution HiOA and does not charge tuition fees. This means both Norwegian and international students can study free. However, there is a mandatory fee, the semester fee, covering membership in the Student Welfare Organization, use of printers etc.  The semester fee is currently pegged at NOK660 per semester. If you intend to attend HiOA  as an exchange student , you will be automatically exempted from any fees.

Cost of Living

If you are offered a student room from the Student Welfare Organisation (SiO) you have to pay a deposit of between 6,000-16,000 NOK when you sign the housing contract which is a two months rent).

Accommodation 3 500
Food 2 200
Transport 500
Communication 300
Books and supplies 1 500
Other costs (entertainment, clothing, health care, training centre etc.) 2 000
Total 10 000 NOK

Note that Norwegian students who live on a student loan from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund would receive approximately 9 800 NOK per month. Also many students work part-time in addition to their studies in order to make ends meet. As an international student you are allowed to work 20 hours a week


How to finance your studies

Since tuition fees are not charged at HiOA,  you’ll need money for accommodation, food, study material and other living expenses.

Note that HiOA would not offer any scholarships. You can read more at Scholarship Portal about scholarships available for studying in Europe.

If you are gain admission through one of the scholarship programs or exchange programmes such as ERASMUS  and NORDPLUS your home institution will be responsible for distributing grants that will cover some of your expenses. As the size of these grants vary, please contact your home institution to find out the exact amount.

In order to obtain a residence permit as a student from outside the EU/EEA-area or as a full degree student (except Quota students) you need to document sufficient funding as described under Residence and work permit.

Courses available at the University

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Clinical Nursing  Studies in Medical Units
  • Clinical Units
  • Drama and Theatre Communication-Storytelling
  • International Marketing and lots more.

For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to or call +2348125835476

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