Study Engineering on low tuition in Netherlands

netherlandsNetherlands is a world leader in designing and developing high tech equipment and products.As a front runner in open innovation and public private research, a region in Netherlands was named the ‘world’s smartest region in 2011’. The country also operates an innovative chemical company that continues to contribute immensely to the economy. Possessing a strong standing in renewable energy and energy efficiency, the dutch have set themselves the ambitious goal of achieving reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system by 2050 and generating 40% of such energy from sustainable sources.

Tuition Fees

Most English taught engineering courses could cost anything from $5000-$10,000 a year for international students. Private universities are more expensive than public ones. Tuition fees are set by the government and could increase if there is inflation. Please note that students with EU nationalities would pay significantly lesser tuition fees.

Medical Universities

Hanze University of Applied Sciences: This university awards engineering degrees in Advanced Sensor Applications. The program  focuses on the application of sensor systems in vital social areas such as healthcare, infrastructure, scientific research, and consumer products.

University of Twente: The advanced technology BSC degree is a broad technical degree with an eye for important societal needs. This degree program allows students the liberty to study several fields at the same time.Fields such as : Chemical engineering, Mathematics and business administration.

Han University of Applied Sciences: The degree program awarded in this university is Automotive engineering, a well curated four year program leading to BEng. Mobility is fast changing and there is a need for more creative solutions that combine mobility requirements with social, technical and sustainable developments.

-University of Groningen: This university offers chemical engineering where students are made to think about chemical processes in factories or help to develop new products instead of study reactions in the lab.

-HZ University of Applied Sciences: The civil engineering program in this university specializes in coastal engineering and covers important areas such as hydraulic engineering, road construction and storm sewer design.


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