Student Visa Application Process to study free in Norway and Finland


Norwegian Universities and state colleges offer high quality education and is tuition free as a result of the Government’s ongoing effort to subsidize education in Norway. The exception to this however are Private institutions which charges tuition fee for some study programs.

How to apply for Visa

International students who desire to stay more than 3 months in Norway will have to apply for a student visa, which would permit them to work for up to 20 hours each month. For non-European students, you will be required to add the following to relevant documents;

Letter of admission, a passport photograph, and a copy of your passport. Applicants are then to submit these documents to Norwegian consulate office closest them, where they shall pay a processing charge of $180 (NOK 1110). Visa applications are to be made through the Soknad portal which opens 1st February and closes 1st March.


If you intend to apply for a student residence permit to study free in Finland, you will be required to do the following:.

-Even though it might be okay to submit your application in paper format, international students  are encouraged do it online since it is the fastest and most convenient way.

-Applicants  are advised to start the online application process immediately they’ve received the letter of acceptance from their university.

-Together with the online form, you will be  requested to submit the documents as shown below:

A letter of acceptance from your higher education institution in Finland.

  • Health insurance plan.
  • A proof of sufficient financial means or copy of your grant/scholarship stating you can support yourself financially throughout your time as a student in Finland.

Please, ensure  that your completed documents are translated to Finnish, Swedish or English by an official translator.

Once you have submitted your application online, you will have to visit your local Finnish embassy or consulate, which will verify your documentation.

If your permit is granted, you can collect it at the embassy or consulate.

-Please note that the cost of the online application is EUR 300 and the usual processing time is up to a month.

In order for your student residence permit in Finland to be granted, you will need to prove you have, at least, EUR 560 per month to support yourself financially.


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