Six Levels of the IB Programs that will help you to Study Abroad

IB is an abbreviation for International Baccalaureate program. This program enables children to take college-level courses while studying in high schools. The major niche of writing this post is how IB program can actually help your child to study abroad.

Well, to answer that we need to understand the different themes (or I call them levels) on which a child is honed to be unbeatable in research. People often believe that IP programs are just good for researchers but that is not all of it.

In this post, I will provide you some insights of how an IB program works for the development of your child and how its six themes can help your child to study abroad.

So, let’s get started,

What Are IB Schools All About?

First, you need to understand that all the schools who offer the “IB Program” is technically an IB School. There are IB elementary schools where studying IB is pretty straightforward. The variation comes around in middle and high school. You might not find IB programs in some of the middle and high schools but you can get some 100 percent IB schools.

IB programs can be considered as a school within a school. Students have the liberty to either choose a single IB course or a full-time IB Diploma. IB Diploma requires you to take a full-time course and meet a certain set of requirements. IB courses are typically ideal for those who have interest in studying abroad.

An Approach Which Is Inquiry-Based

IB takes a global approach at all levels to make sure that the student may get all sort of experiences by looking at the ideas across disciplines of literature to music depictions.

There is a whole new level of schooling with IB programs. Students not only get high-level teaching approach but also get a deeper understanding of topics like above. IB programs can give you a whole new level of research experience. There is nothing more one can expect from international courses.

Is IB Good For Your Children?

Generally, it depends on your child what is he capable of. In the IB classes, students don’t need notes like in a regular class. They tend to work on an individual or group projects under the supervision of a teacher. Teacher tends to function more as a supervisor in IB programs.

IB programs tend to be more academically challenging, as the student is expected to organize and complete the project and speak in front of his/her classmates. So, if your child does good in picking research topics and how to present themselves good enough about what they learned, IB is the best program for your children. It naturally gives your child skills to stand on a global platform and perform well.

6 Themes Of IB Programs

There are two levels in IB Programs which defines the difficulty level of the course.

  • Standard Level commonly refer to SL
  • Higher Level commonly refer as HL

There are about 56 classes if you target to have a diploma in IB programs. These 56 classes are evenly distributed among 6 themes which I am going to feature in this post.

These 6 themes or you can say subject groups are,

  • Studies in language and literature
  • Language acquisition
  • Individuals and societies
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • The arts


There is one more additional class to make your child understand the core of the IB studies which is Theory of Knowledge commonly referred as TOK.

Let’s dive a little deep into the three themes of the IB Program which primarily functions your child to study abroad.

Studies in language and literature

Course Description HL, SL, or both
Language A: literature The course acquaints understudies with the investigation of scholarly messages. The course is consequently accessible in 55 dialects and accessible by exceptional demand and might be contemplated in any dialect with an adequately created composed writing. HL and SL
Language A: language and literature The Language A: dialect and writing course present the basic investigation and understanding of composed and talked writings from an extensive variety of scholarly and non-artistic types. The formal examination of writings is supplemented by mindfulness that significance isn’t settled however can change in regard to settings of generation and utilization. This course is accessible for examine in 17 dialects. HL and SL
Literature and performance


The writing and execution course intends to investigate the connection amongst writing and theater. The primary concentration of the course is the cooperation between the abstract abilities of close perusing, basic written work, and talk and the functional, tasteful and emblematic components of execution. It is accessible in English and by uncommon demand Spanish and French. SL only

Language acquisition

Course Description HL, SL, or both
Classical languages Latin or Classical Greek coursework gives chances to understudies to think about the dialect, writing, and culture of old Rome or Greece. HL and SL
Language B Language B courses are remote dialect courses expected for understudies who have had some past understanding of taking in the dialect. They might be learned at either more elevated amount or standard level. HL and SL
Language ab initio These courses are remote dialect for tenderfoots (that is, understudies who have practically zero past involvement in taking in the dialect they have picked). These courses are just accessible at standard level. SL only

Individuals and Societies

Course Description HL, SL, or both
Business management Business Management course is a thorough and dynamic course that investigates how business basic leadership forms affect the interior and outside conditions. Thusly, it will investigate how basic leadership forms themselves are influenced by interior and outside conditions. HL and SL
Economics The course underscores the monetary speculations of microeconomics, which manage financial factors influencing people, firms and showcases, and the monetary hypotheses of macroeconomics, which manage financial factors influencing nations, governments, and social orders. These financial speculations are not to be contemplated in a vacuum—rather, they are to be connected to genuine issues. HL and SL
Geography Geography exploits its position to inspect pertinent ideas and thoughts from a wide assortment of orders. This enables understudies to build up an energy about, and a regard for, elective methodologies, perspectives, and thoughts. HL and SL
Global Politics The worldwide legislative issues course investigates major political ideas, for example, power, freedom, and balance, in a scope of settings and at an assortment of levels. It enables understudies to build up a comprehension of the nearby, national, universal and worldwide measurements of political movement and also permitting them the chance to investigate political issues influencing their own particular lives. HL and SL
History The Diploma Program history course intends to advance a comprehension of history as a train, including the nature and decent variety of its sources, techniques, and translations. It additionally encourages understudies to pick up a superior comprehension of the present through basic reflection upon the past. HL and SL
Information technology in a global society The ITGS structure is displayed on a ‘triangle’. It utilizes a coordinated approach, urging understudies to settle on educated judgments and choices about the part of data and correspondence innovations in contemporary society. HL and SL
Philosophy Philosophy is a deliberate basic investigation into significant, captivating and testing inquiries, for example, What is it to be human? Do we have through and through freedom? What do we mean when we say something is correct or off-base? HL and SL
Psychology The IB Diploma Program Psychology research course is the efficient investigation of conduct and mental procedures. HL and SL
Social and cultural anthropology The IB Diploma Program social and cultural humanities course offers an open door for understudies to investigate and comprehend mankind in all its assorted variety through the near investigation of culture and human social orders. HL and SL
World religions It is a deliberate, explanatory yet sympathetic investigation of the assortment of convictions and practices experienced in nine primary religions of the world. The course tries to advance a familiarity with religious issues in the contemporary world by requiring the investigation of an assorted scope of religions. SL only

Concluding Remarks

So, as you can see with such a diverse nature of subject one can easily be prepared for studying abroad. All you need to do is take the right approach and sign up your child for IB programs.


Sometimes IB programs can be difficult for a child. You can choose a home tuition services which provide your children a perfect guidance for IB programs.

I do hope you like my post. Did I miss something? Leave a comment about that below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then, Adios!!!

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