Seneca College(Low tuition fees) for international students

senecaSeneca college of Applied Arts and Technology is a renowed  public college in Canada based in Ontario and Toronto. The College offers accredited full time and part time courses at Diploma, Certificate, Baccalaureate and Graduate levels, in the fields of Engineering, Health Science, Sciences, Management, Information Tech, etc. The tuition fees are also very affordable compared to other competitive colleges in Canada.

Tuition Fees in Seneca College

The tuition fee charged per applicant varies depending on the program and where applicant comes from. However, there are two major categories or groupings for tuition fee paying students- local and international tuition fees.

  1. The Domestic Tuition fees are usually charged to applicants who are Canadian citizens or admitted lawfully to Canada for permanent residence. The domestic tuition fees in Seneca College range from CAD$3,000 to CAD$4,000 per year.
  2. International Tuition fees on the other hand are charged to individuals who are defined as non-Canadian citizens or persons admitted under a study permit. Tuition fees for international students range from CAD$13,000 to CAD$14,000 per year.

Admission  Timeline

There are three (3) admission timelines in Seneca College, these are: Winter (January), Spring (April) and Fall (September). Since study programs have different application deadlines, it is important that you check the University website, for the correct application time and deadline specific to your course program.

Cost of Living

Cost of living generally depends on factors like the spending habits of students and the city where the student pursues his/her studies. At Seneca College, the average cost of living is estimated at CAD$800-CAD$1000 per month which would cover expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food, books, etc.

Admission Requirements

For undergraduates, diploma and certificate courses-a high/secondary school results wouldbe required for admission. While graduate programs-a good first degree result in a related field is usually required. In addition to these, applicants who come from countries where English language is not the first language must present proof of English language proficiency. This can come in form of IELTS or TOELF scores.

Application Process

Seneca College accepts online submission for all of its study programs.International applicants are able to create an online application portal to process their applications. To begin your application, you must first create an account with a valid email address. Ensure that you are handy with your supporting documents and credit card details as this would be needed in the course of the online application. Once you have sent your application, the admissions department would communicate with you via email, and if your application is accepted, an offer letter would be sent to you. Click here to start your online application

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