Role of Technology and Trends in Education


It would be not far from the fact if we say that this is an age of technology. The face of society is on constant change and when this happens the members of the society have to adapt themselves with it accordingly.

In today’s world, information is too much and constantly arriving at the speed of light from all across the globe and even beyond. This is sometimes called as high-speed information highway steering the direction of our society and everything in it. Financial sector, healthcare industry, military and public services, communication and transportation are few examples where technology has changed the way of business.Technology is permeated in almost every field, and education is no exception to that.


Technology has infiltrated the educational system in an overwhelmingly manner and is expanding by every passing day. It is right that teacher still can instruct the students without computers or tablets but we are seeing wave of technological advancement where these tools are used for instructions and transmit of information.

We are surrounded by smart devices which are connected to internet and almost every educational institute keeps its students updated through its mobile applications. These institutes are well cognizant that technology has a major influence on students and the learning process these days, so they are ever looking for new technologies and techniques that would help them to teach students.


Some schools have already assigned a laptop to every student which they can use inside school premises and they are expected to complete their assignments on these laptops. Many teachers now using computers for teaching, and they use smart-boards to instruct their students, these smart-boards give teacher power to transmit the information with the help of media presentations or multi-media.

With the help of classroom technology, and mobile phone apps students now can customize their interactive sessions. Educators are there to facilitate with their analysis in response to students queries and their role is now as a moderator when interacting via web-based learning.


Learning at higher level still have traditional ways in practice of lecturing and note-taking but professors and pupils can now have these sessions with the help of computer technology, as it would make it easier to record lecture and save it for future use.

Another advantage of today’s technological-based learning is that it is more affordable, though it didn’t look at first glance. Textbooks are to be printed each year whereas digital books are cost-less; they incurred one-off expense. Digital books can be accessed anywhere to any device and it would be a lot more fun for younger generation.


The education is definitely being the most important sector which is going to be affected by technology in a tremendous way in the days to come. It would be a leading area where technological advancement will be utilized in a big way. Most of the jobs in near future will be based on internet and technology and people will have to have this knowledge and skill to stay competitive.

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