Qualities That Best Residential Schools In India Look For In Applicants

indiaResidential schools in India have become very selective while shortlisting candidates for their set of schools. The selection criteria is not only stringent but also take numerous facets of your child’s personality into consideration. The more scrupulous the task seems for the parents to prepare their children to get admission in these schools, the more tedious the job is for school authorities as well. This calls for a session before he appears for the interview with a residential school’s faculty. Now let’s first understand what aspects these boarding schools look for, in a new candidate:

Academic and Intellectual Interest

The first parameter that binds the interviewer with the student is his/ her interest in academics, sports or extra-curricular activities. These days, one needs to possess one extra element that can create inroads for tough competitive examinations be it entering a boarding school where thousands of students come prepared to test their mettle.

Interpersonal Skills

This is yet another motivating rather stimulating factor for the school authorities to select a student for their school. A student with a pleasing persona and confident nature can overcome thousands of hurdles. Interpersonal skills is not only limited to good communication skills or pleasing personality, it also characterises one’s behaviour towards others and his/ her capability towards getting the work done.

Moral Values determines Character

Boarding schools look for maturity and moral values that the student has imbibed over these years. They would like to understand that if a student is left in a cohesive environment as that of a residential school, will he or will he not be able to cope up with that situation amongst his other peer groups.

Fit with the School

A boarding school determines whether a student is right fit to be a part of the institution. Sometimes, students feel secluded and alone while studying in an environment as that of a boarding school, since the concept of a boarding school is to make child more independent and generate awareness about the outside environment.

Hence, parents should prepare their children as per newer practices adopted by residential schools while taking this big step of enrolling them into a boarding school. Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni, a renowned residential school in India, has posted this great post about the most common interview questions that are asked to new applicants in a boarding school interview. So, leverage it to get your kid ready for this big move.


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