Practical Study Abroad Tips For International Students

  • Get Involved in School

The best way to get to know people in college is to get involved. There are a lot of ways to do that in college: join clubs, become a student ambassador, volunteer. Not only will it help you get to know other students, but it helps you connect with your faculty people and even people outside of school. And the relationships you create can be a lifelong, priceless thing! There are also a long list of countries accepting international students on low tuition fees, linkfeel free to check out this :

  • Avoid Hanging out Too Much with Your own people.

When you step in a new country, you are alone and lonely. The first few days are going to be hard and no one might want to be friends with you since you are new. The truth is, you have to talk to them, and then most of the people will be nice to you. Avoid spending all your time with the people from your own country. You don’t learn many new things by hanging out with people that speak the same language and have the same culture as yours. Once you become friends with others, your English improves because people around you always talk to you in English. You can study with them, share and borrow textbook or join math tuition with them, or go out on weekends!

  • Avoid Procrastinating

It can be tempting to devote the initial weeks of your course to settling in and leave the real study to later on – until you find that you have an overwhelming need to do so. Get stuck in a study practice as soon as your course starts, and you will be in a strong position when it’s time for exams and assessments.


  • Surround Yourself with Positive People

As you try to widen out in your scope of friends, be careful not to associate with negative people. People are different. There are things that make you happy that might not make me happy. Your idea of support may differ from the next person’s. The key is finding the people that are good for you. Hence, it will be helpful to write down qualities of people you want to spend the most time with.

  • Ask Questions

 Don’t be afraid to ask other students – or the person teaching the class – for help with things you haven’t understood.

  • Make Studies a Social Activity

Meld what you have learned by discussing topics with colleagues. While organizing study groups is one way of doing this, a debate doesn’t need to be argumentative. A productive debate can be as simple as asking another student their opinion or perspective on an issue on your way to class. This also helps you to build your network and deepen your connections with others.

  • Plan Ahead

When it comes to study and revision, it can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself. A good way to keep yourself on track is to schedule a realistic amount of time for study and revision each day. You could make a list of topics you plan on covering each week. And work towards achieving it. Remember, a plan without an action, is just a wish. Once it’s done, you can enjoy doing other things.


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