PMP and the surprises it can pull off!

PMP stands for project management professional and it is basically a certification. For a project manager, this can serve as a real boost to his professional career. It tends to expand your horizons and knowledge of the industry, hones your management skills and you exude the ability to handle tougher projects.

Let us see some benefits of having PMP certification course in the text that follows.

Naturally, it sets you apart. You are way past an average project manager because you are not who you are by change but because you chose to further yourself and you have the certification to back this claim up.

The certification is not merely intended to ooze confidence in you but instead, it teaches you to be able to exhibit project management skills and the competency as mentioned to take on tougher challenges/projects.

Your skills are recognised the world over. It is because it is the befitting combination of tech, telecom, finance, research and business engineering modules. Imagine a manager equipped with all these and the wonders he can deliver.

It adds weight to your resume since a PMP exam will let you score on five different aspects of venture management such as initiation, planning, controlling, and subsequent execution alongside conclusion.

Naturally, a project under review is improved. It’s effectiveness and efficacy jumps to the next level because you, at the helm of it, steers it towards the desired destination. Help with assignment can be sought online. Point being, PMP instils you with such leadership skills that you create history

Since it is a globally recognised certification, your CV/profile becomes a passport/gateway to the entire world. According to a study, there are close to some 450 PMP certified professional currently in the world and the number keeps climbing.

As mentioned, you are in a capacity to take on more challenging tasks, therefore, the criteria for undertaking a PMP exam is based solely on the educational and professional background of the concerned manager. Certain background ensures that the individual has the ability to navigate the certification course contents and it poses him less difficulty when grasping concepts. The idea is to churn out individuals built for the venture management.

What follows next are tonnes of job opportunities and pay raises. It was according to a survey published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers that close to 80% were found to overachievers in the field of project management.

Your reach is expanded since now you can reach out to potential employers sitting anywhere in the world. You can join up with professionals’ online community and can participate in discussion boards to help yourself propel into the eyes of prospect employers. With the tips and guidance from those who have been there and done that, be ready to climb even greater heights.

Oh and did we talk about salary, we did! Let me reiterate. The PMP certified individuals are said to be earning 16% more than their non-qualified counterparts. Another survey details that such individuals are destined to earn six figures salary.


So there you go! Some of the benefits it brings with itself.

Author Bio: John has been associated with the project management and has overseen several projects in his professional life that spans well above 20 years. In his leisure time he writes and you can follow him for UK assignment help over at his social profiles.

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