Must-Read Tips on How to Choose Winning Title for Your Research Paper

The number of research papers, submitted for scholarly review, or as required by institutions are many, and it is very vital to use an appropriate title for the paper. There are various ways of presenting an attractive title for a research paper, and title capitalization is one of the means.


As a reminder, it is important always to understand that different audiences for research, appear to have various ways on how they would want their title to be presented and there is more creating a winning title for a research paper. You can maximize on using a title capitalization tool, for instance.


Tips on Choosing Title for a Research Paper

  • Use of Proper Grammar

One of the key elements to the development of an eye catching research paper is the art of continuous proof reading of a research paper that you are required to create and present. There are very many mistakes both typing and spelling that might have been included in a research paper and proof reading will help eliminate the error.


The inclusion of grammatical mistakes in a research title will create an impression in the mind of whom you will submit it to, that the work in the paper is substandard.


  • Uniqueness and originality

The characteristic of a well-written research paper includes the application of the regular capitalization rules that try to communicate with the reader. Research papers have sub titles, and the main title for the research paper and the two are very distinct from each from their structure and layout.


The main title which is the title in context should be unique from the other sub titles in the research paper by probably including all the words to be capitalized.


The winning title for any research paper has to contain originality and portray relevancy in all the possible angles it can be interpreted. The uniqueness of a research title implies that it is very distinct from other titles, and should come from the author’s mind. Relevancy of the title will include the research paper being in context with the content contained in the research paper hence the need for repetitive proofreading a paper.

  • Captivating Keywords

The keywords of a research paper are also necessary for the final decision of deciding the choice title for a research paper.  The words incorporated in a research paper title should be accurate and create a friendly and captivating atmosphere for the reader of the content of the study.


When using a compound title, it will contain a few words to make the reader want to discover what is in the research paper and a formal title will create a picture of the theme with enough words used to describe the paper.


There are very few punctuations that should be used in a research title with a total capitalization of the words in the title acceptable. Other punctuations that can be used minimally in the headline include the comma, full stops, and parenthesis.


The aim of using punctuation marks in a title is not to make it beautiful but to make it easily discoverable when referencing it.



A winning research title, in general, should be simple, authoritative and accurate to drive the points in the paper and its aim. It is important to recall that different research papers have different titles depending on the subject of study. Incorporate headline capitalization rules in your research paper and always proofread the research papers you write often.


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