Most Common Issues International Students Face in Canada

Canada has always been one of the most welcoming countries for international students.  It has not had a lot of limits for them in applying to the universities and staying to work. But, the country has changed some of the laws regulating the rights of international students last year. Recent studies showed that these laws continued to produce some issues for foreign students while studying. Whether you want to apply to a Canadian university or stay to work after you graduate there, this article will be a useful piece for you because it reviews the recent changes in the legislation and some issues faced by foreign students.

Some Canadian legal bodies have repeatedly engaged in studying the problems encountered by foreign students in the country. For example, a recent inquiry by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has produced a lot of knowledge on the topic that should be useful for people who intend to apply to study in the country. Specifically, the researchers have interviewed around 50 international students and recent graduates from Canadian universities and asked them about possible challenges they experience.

Though the focus of the study was given to the international students studying in Ontario area, the results could be easily applied for all such students in the country.

Challenges and Issues, as narrated by foreign students in who encountered them in 2015


  • Foreign students were having a hard time finding decent employment opportunities and most of the ones they manage to land generally cannot really test the skills they obtained in the universities


  • There are no opportunities for international students to integrate with the local population, which results in the lack of sense of community among them


  • Last but not least is the discrimination from employers and some professors. Many students have claimed they faced an inappropriate attitude from them because of the status of foreign citizen. For example, the employers turned down their resumes in favor of the locals.


  • As strange as it may sound, some foreign students experience language problems even though they have mastered English. Because Canada has a number of different dialects, sometimes it is difficult for foreigners to understand the language therefore some students are looking for an assignment help. More about this issue you can find on Haffington post.

For the students who wish to stay in the country after graduation to work, there is a new problem. Kate Robson, an expert educator says that since early 2015, the local government has introduced a new process of immigration, called the Express Entry program. This program has made the competition between foreign students and skilled workers to be a factor in the immigration process. Now, the international graduates of Canadian universities who intend to stay in the country have to compete with skilled workers to obtain the invitation to apply for immigration. As the result, it became much harder to use immigration opportunities to work after graduation.

Before this program was introduced, the process was much easier and students did not encounter additional requirements or competition with skilled workers for immigration. Now, they have limited opportunities to score a lot of points. Under the new comprehensive system of ranking, even the degree obtained in the local university does not play any role. Also, the employers now face more challenges in performing the assessment of international students. Because they cannot make any impact on the labor market, they are not considered.

What Are The Options?

To improve the situation with employment and immigration for international students, the Canadian lawmakers need to ensure that they are provided with decent opportunities. For example, special employment programs may be introduced to make off-campus jobs widely available for students who show interest in engagement. The Express Entry program is clearly hurting the chances for foreign students to immigrate and work after graduation, so it may be reviewed for increasing their opportunities and leveling the field with skilled workers.

The Bottom Line

Even though Canada has been one of the most welcoming countries for foreign students, recent developments showed that they face a number of issues related to employment and immigration. Clearly, studying in another country is a challenge, so be as careful as you can and know your rights and opportunities before embarking on the journey to study in Canada.



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