Most affordable universities in Russia for international students

RUSSIAAre you looking for a country with top quality education and low tuition fees in Europe, then think Russia!  Russia is currently the world’s largest nation with a population size of 143.5 million people. The beautiful country  is bordered by European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Needless to say, several international students have chosen to study in Russia because of it’s low cost of living, cheap tuition fees, above all top quality education. Apart from these, international students studying in Russia will have the unique opportunity of learning the Russian language and culture.

Tuition cost of studying in Russia

Tuition fees in Russian universities are one of the lowest in Europe. For academic programs in the Russian medium, the tuition fees will range from $1500 to $2000 per year and for English medium, it’s usually $3000 to $5000 per year.

Housing cost in Russia

There are typically two types of accommodation available in Russia; hostel and off campus. The off campus is a quite expensive, you would have to budget a monthly cost of $250-400 while the cost of hostel accommodation is about $70-$200.

Cost of feeding in Russia

You should know that the cost of food  is very cheap in Russia,it is comparatively low compared to other countries. There are different varieties of food available for students in the cafeteria. Depending on how much a student eats, a budget of $100-$200 should cover feeding cost for a month. Students including international students may choose to eat in the cafeteria or cook their own food.

Russian Language training Cost

International students who wish to study in Russia are usually expected to undergo a language training program. This language training program is compulsory for all international students that want to study in Russia. The training is normally done in the first year of admission and will cost the student about $2,200.

How to apply

If you would like to apply to Russian universities, your application will be carried out carried by recognized Russian travel agencies. Please check for a designated admissions/travel agency designated by Russian universities and available in your country.

List of cheap Universities in Russia

  • Amur state university
  • Altai state university
  • Baltic state technical university
  • Bashkir state university
  • Chuvash state university
  • Don state technical university
  • East-siberian state technical university
  • European university of st. Petersburg
  • International East-European university
  • International university of engineering, Moscow
  • Irkutsk state university
  • Ivanovo state Academy of medicine
  • Ivanovo state power university
  • Kazan state university
  • Kemerovo state university
  • Kazan state university of technology
  • Kuban state university
  • Kursk state medical university
  • Lipeck state technical university
  • Modern university for the humanities
  • Moscow institute of physics and technology
  • Moscow state academy of applied biotechnology
  • Moscow state industrial university
  • Moscow state institute of international relations
  • Moscow state technical university of civil aviation
  • Moscow state university
  • Nizhny Novgorod state academy of medicine
  • Nizhny Novgorod state technical university
  • Omsk state university
  • Penza state technical university
  • Perm state university
  • Rostov state university
  • Russian state Hydrometeorological institute
  • Samara state university
  • Saratov state university
  • Saratov state university of medicine
  • Siberian state medical university
  • St. Petersburg state marine technical university
  • St. Petersburg state medical university
  • St. Petersburg state technical university
  • St. Petersburg state university
  • St. Petersburg state university of technology and design
  • St Petersburg state university of telecommunication
  • Tomsk state university

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  1. Russia is the best country in the world regarding technology and am kind of surprised to see that ur tuition is the cheapest compared to other european countries. So i would be greatful if i get a scholarship in your country

  2. Dear Sir.
    I’m Bangladeshi student. I want to study in Russian Language program (1year) with lowest tuition fee university. Also advise the subject after complited Russian language then need to study a diploma course.
    My age 40 years studied masters in Bangladesh.
    Please advise above information by revert. Thanks

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