Most Affordable Cities for International Students

If you are looking for a study destination with a high quality education, rich social life and great cultural experience without breaking your budget, then you would really benefit from reading this article. Find the cities below:      

      (1) Kuala Lumpur

This beautiful city combines affordable tuition(averaging $3,700 per annum) with low living costs.It has three world class universities ranked among the world’s 800. Kuala Lumpur also houses the international branch of Monash University, allowing international students to study at half the price.

      (2) Warsaw

The capital of Warsaw was surveyed recently and is seen to be the most affordable city in Europe. The city also has a list of universities offering courses on low tuition for international students($3,400 per annum). Tuition is usually free for polish students and international students who study in the local language.

     (3) Berlin

Ranked as the 9th best student city of the year and receiving the highest score in the QS Best Student Index, Berlin is the third most popular study abroad destination after the US and UK, no doubt helped by the fact that undergraduate tuition fees are free for both domestic and international students.Berlin is also one of the most affordable european capitals offering a high quality of living for a low cost.

     (4) Munich

Munich is the 11th best city in the QS ranking and also one of the most respected. Although costs of living tend to be slightly higher, you will still enjoy the perks of studying on free tuition.

    (5) Vienna

This is the culturally rich city of Austria with affordable tuition fee. Free for students from the EU. You should budget $5,000 per year for the tuition fees.Cost of living is considerably higher but much lower in many cities around the world.

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