Mistakes to avoid during student Visa Interview

Congratulations you have secured your offer of admission letter! Now  the next important test that lies ahead is the ‘Student Visa Interview’. International students would have to impress during the student visa interview to stand a chance of securing This article reveals the top seven mistakes that students make when appearing for the visa interview and also provides important tips and guidelines on how to ace the interview.

The List of Mistakes:

  • Missing the appointment -Dont take this granted; but every year there are numerous cases of students getting confused with their interview time and date and missing the actual interview.
  • Not bringing all relevant documents – Per interview procedures, all applicants are required to bring a list of documents like the passport, conditional admission offer letter; bank-balance statement, etc.Please ensure that you take all relevant documents arranged neatly in a folder on the interview date.
  • Poor Dressing– You are expected to be formally dressed for inerview session; do not go dressed in ‘gaudy or loud coloured’ clothing. The first thirty seconds are crucial when the interviewer looks at your dress. Men be well groomed; and trim your nails.
  • Lying – Do not fabricate tales during the interview; only speak the truth.
  • Arguing – Do not argue with the interviewer.
  • Being rude – Do not speak in a rude tone to the interviewer; speak in a calm manner and answer questions confidently. If you have trouble in understanding the interviewer; request the interviewer to repeat the question a bit slowly.
  • Being nervous – Self-confidence is the most important aspect; do not feel nervous or scared. If you have all relevant documents and answer the interviewer’s questions clearly; you are sure to clear the interview. Be prepared for the interview, remember the old adage – ‘If you fail to prepare; be prepared to fail.’

Now that we looked at the most common blunders that students commit at the visa interview; let us look at some tips and pointers, which will help you ace the visa interview.

Tips to Succeed in the Interview:

  • Be self aware – Dont be late-know the date and time of your interview-schedule; reach there well in advance of your appointment.
  • Be organised and coordinated – Carry all relevant documents arranged neatly in a plastic file or folder. If you need to submit attested copies of any document; carry them as well.
  • Your attitude – Your dress sense, body language and demeanour are all factors that the interviewer examines. Dress formally, groom yourself well, shoes / footwear should be polished and clean. Women are advised not to wear flashy jewellery.
  • Communication – Face the interviewer confidently, look into his / her eyes directly and answer all questions clearly and politely. Do not rant / ramble unnecessarily and give your opinion on unwanted topics. All answers should be clear and to the point. In case, you do not understand any question, ask the interviewer to repeat the question.
  • Q-n-A – The questions that the interviewer will ask you will pertain to your academic aspirations and why you chose the specific institution. The interviewer may also ask you about your hobbies/interest, etc. Do not be flustered or nervous – just relax, smile and answer the questions effortlessly.

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