Low Tuition University of Manitoba-Canada: Tuition Fee and Admission Requirements

The University of Manitoba is a public university in the beautiful province of Manitoba, Canada.The school is based in Winnipeg and founded sometime in 1877.Indeed it was Western Canada’s first university. The university also maintains a top reputation as a research intensive postsecondary educational institution and conducts more research annually than any other university in the region.It remains the largest university both by total student enrolment and campus area in the province of Manitoba.

The university also provide a diverse range of of programs including bachelors, masters and doctoral degree opportunities for postdoctoral education in many disciplines.. Above the tuition fees are low and affordable for international students.

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How to Apply

Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the official webpage of the university to obtain more info about the university and program.





English Language Proficiency

English language remains the language of instruction. Consequently, an applicant whose primary language is not english will be required to demonstrate a strong command of english and demonstrate your proficiency in the use of english language by meeting of the options shown below:

Test Type Minimum Score Required
Paper based TOEFL

(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Overall score of 550

with no less than

50 (unscaled) in reading

50 (unscaled) in writting

50 (unscaled) in listening

Revised TOEFL Paper Delivered Test

(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

20 in reading

20 in writing

20 in listening

Internet Based TOEFL

(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Overall score of 86

20 in reading

20 in writing

20 in listening

20 in speaking

CanTest 4.5 in reading

4.5 in listening

4.0 in writting

IETLS (Academic) 6.5 overall

(Michigan English Language Assessment Battery

University of Cambrdge English

Advanced Certiificate


(Canadian Academic English Assesment)

Pearson Test of English 58%

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Application Fees

$120 for international applicants

Tuition Fees

International Undergraduate Students (Year 1)

Tuition: $13,517

Books and Supplies: $1,800

Medical Insurance: $345

Sport and Recreation Fee: $160

Residence(optional):$6,200 to $12,000

Tuition Fees for Full time Masters Students

$10,240 per year

Year 2 continuing fee


Living Expenses

Interestingly, Manitoba is one of the most affordable places to live in Canada.

On average international students should have a monthly budget of $1,270

This covers accomodation which is in the range of $700, transportation and food.


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