Low Tuition Universities Offering Nursing Degrees for International Students

To kickstart a promising career in Nursing is to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Here are a few low tuition universities where you can prepare to become a professional nurse:


European University Cyprus, Cyprus

The Bachelor’s in Nursing at European University of Cyprus covers courses of anatomy, microbiology, and biostatistics and focuses on teaching students how to promote human health and wellness. The university will provide students the opportunity to undertake clinical and practical training in the nursing laboratories of the university and local health care facilities.


University of Tasmania, Australia

This is a top university in Australia,where you’ll get to learn more about healthcare theories, pharmacology and medication management. University of Tasmania offers students the opportunity to complete their Bachelor’s degree in two years instead of three, provided these students attend more courses and cover an extensive curriculum.

Once you complete your Bachelor’s degree, you can register as a nurse in Australia with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), particularly if you want to pursue a career in the country.


Middlesex University, UK

Middlesex University offers a wide range of Nursing Bachelors that places focus on specific categories of patients such as adults, children, mental health patients, animals, and more. You are able to choose between regular Nursing degrees, Honours Bachelor’s or professional training courses. The university will ensure you get the top-quality support you need throughout your years of study.

You’ll be able to practice what you learn first-had in placements in London’s top hospitals.


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

At Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, you’ll join a multicultural community of students from all over the world who are eager to learn how to assist their patients. You’ll learn to work with all age groups and gain skills to help you best cooperate with your future nursing team.

Take advantage of placement opportunities in Europe, Africa, Asia or Canada.


University of South Florida, USA

The Nursing School at University of South Florida guarantees to prepare “nursing leaders who improve health”. U.S. News ranked the College of Nursing in top 50 of best nursing schools in America.

University of South Florida partners with over 700 clinics worldwide and the American Red Cross. Nursing students can pursue international practical experience in Scotland, St. Croix, or Panama among other places.


Trinity Western University, Canada

At Trinity Western University, you will receive excellent nursing practice. The university collaborates with many hospitals and clinics, allowing you to gain experience and be prepared for work in any healthcare setting.

The curriculum of the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing includes courses like: history of nursing, nursing care of older adults, and care of adults with complex illness.

Additionally, the university organises nursing networking cafes, where students discuss various issues in the field, such as palliative care or nursing legislation.


Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Savonia University of Applied Sciences supports education build on an open innovation concept that focuses on engaging students in research and development. The Bachelor’s degree in Nursing is research-oriented and connects students with healthcare providers so they will become familiar with their future tasks on the job.

You will get to practice in a cutting-edge simulation centre, clinical skill laboratories and use modern health technology.



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