Low Tuition Universities in Netherlands for English Speaking International Students

Netherlands not only provides quality education but also has affordable tuition for international students. Several universities in Netherlands offer many courses in English to the large number of international students studying there. Some more than 90,000 international students are studying in Netherlands, a testimony to the country’s affordable but top quality  educational institutions. Almost all the universities in Netherlands offer courses for international students that are taught in English.

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University of Amsterdam:

The University of Amsterdam is officially the  largest higher education university in Netherlands. It has a large selection of Master’s degrees that are taught in English. It has few undergraduate programmes taught in English too. Almost all the courses available for international students are taught in English there.

Leiden University

Leiden University is the oldest university in Netherlands ( set up in 1575). It has roughly 23,000 students and a wide range of courses including the ones specifically designed for international students to be taught in English. Law, Economics, Computer Science, Business Studies are some of the examples of courses taught in English. It has more than 40 research institutes too.

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Utrecht University

It offers various courses taught in English covering the diverse topics as Ethics, history, anthropology, art and culture studies, artificial intelligence, sciences (biofabrication, biology of disease etc), Business Informatics, and Computer Science etc.

Delft University of Technology

It is the largest and oldest public technical university in Netherlands and is currently ranked 86th in the world. It is home to around 19,000 students and offers large range of programmes taught in English including Engineering disciplines, Mathematics, Computer Science, Policy and Management in Technology and Applied Sciences, to name a few.

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