Low tuition medical Universities in Europe

medicineWe have compiled a list of cheap or affordable tuition medical universities in Europe for domestic and international students seeking to study medicine in Europe.  We’ve also included the tuition fees charged by individual universities to give you an idea of how much to budget for your medical studies.


This country has a list of world class medical schools with state of the art facilities.Among the best medical universities in Hungary are,Debrecen Medical School and Medical School of Szegred-all low tuition universities offering top class medical degree programs. Courses are taught in both Hungarian and English for the benefit of international students.. Now let us discuss the tuition fees of these schools.


  • Debrecen Medical School:


This is a medical University centre with more than 5 medical faculties namely: medical dentistry, pharmacy, health and public health faculties.There are well over 18 departments of basic sciences and about 23 clinical departments.Programs are taught in english and there are over 900 students currently studying in english. Medical degree programs last for 6 years for Doctor of Medicine.Tuition fees is in the range of $9500-$15,000 per year if you want to study in english and slightly lower if you are going to study in Hungarian or German languages.


  • Medical School of Szegred


Doctor of medicine plus other clinical degrees are awarded after completing the five year medical program.The first two years will be used as a foundation year for students to revise  medical refresher courses.From the third year, students will spend a huge chunk of their time working in clinical departments and specialist hospitals to gain hands- on medical experience. The tuition fee is in the range of $6000-$16,000 depending on the medical program selected.Competitive medical programs tend to be more expensive than less competitive ones.


For international students wishing to study medicine in Russia, note that medical degree programs  are very cheap and affordable. Tuition fees charged per year is usually in the range of $2000 to $5000. Since the Russian Federation allows international students to work and study, you can work while studying to offset the cost of feeding, accommodation and books. The medium of instruction in many Russian universities is english.So you can expect to be taught academic courses in English and not necessarily Russian.Now lets review some of these medical universities and their tuition fees.


  • Saint Petersburg State Mecknikov Medical Academy:


English Medium :

First year: 3,600 USD

Second to sixth year: 3,600 USD


  • Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University
English medium :

First year : USD 5,300

Second to sixth year : USD 5,300

For a list of more cheap tuition medical universities in Russia, click here


Studying medicine in english in Belarus is one of the cheapest options available in Europe. Medical training in Belarus is done using world class and up to date medical technologies.Belarus has a structured National health system and highly experienced medical practitioners.Medical universities in Belarus believe in regularly updating its structure and content well and adapting same to modern and evolving technology.

List of Medical Unis


  • Belarusian State Medical University;
  • Vitebsk State Medical University;
  • Grodno State Medical University;
  • Gomel State Medical University



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