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For international students who would like a degree from a university outside of their home country, but are not able to leave their countries, distance-learning academic programmes are a great option for getting a higher education degree. Advantages of this type of learning are that courses can be taken from anywhere in the world, as long as the student has internet access. Besides popular online study options offered in the United States or the UK, European universities present a generous distance-learning study offer, to answer the growing education needs of international learners.

Below you can find a list of universities from Europe that offer distance-learning programmes at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. level, as well as online short courses:

Utrecht University, Netherlands

This university is ranked among the top four universities in Europe by German CHE Excellence ranking. Utrecht University offers mainly Masters and Ph.D. programmes in clinical, veterinary or general epidemiology. Online students are able to create research projects in their own location in cooperation with one of the participating institutes and supervised by staff members from Utrecht University.

Uppsala University, Sweden

One of northern Europe’s highly ranked universities, Uppsala manages online courses that are delivered as audio-visual web lectures through downloadable documents for self-studies. The written examination is performed online at the end of the course.

Webster Vienna University, Austria

Students looking for an online MBA or a programme in international relations might want to consider Webster Vienna University. They can pursue a Webster degree entirely online, or mix and match classroom and online courses according to their preferences. Courses have no fixed times so students can carry out their assignments at any time during each study week.

 Wismar University Wings, Germany

Wismar University received an award for education for the international Master’s distance learning course “Professional Studies Lighting Design” and the Top Institute 2013 award for distance learning. Study programmes are offered in the fields of economy, technology and design. The blended study option requires students to be present at a chosen study location for only three weekends per semester.

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Online Business School, Spain

This institution has top collaborations with two strategic partners: the University of Barcelona and EAE Business School – third-most reputable business school in Spain according to the ranking published by Merco (Spanish Corporate Reputation Monitor) in 2013. Students are also able to find programs in business administration, marketing, project management and finance.

Wageningen University, Netherlands

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014 ranks Wageningen in the top 100 of best universities in the world. It is recognised as number two worldwide in the field of agriculture and forestry, this university focuses on programmes related to healthy food and living environment.

Instituto Europeo Campus Stellae, Spain

The institute offers personalised postgraduate distance study options for students with different profiles. The communication environment features an online campus where students participate in video conferences from anywhere and at any moment they please.The institute has focused its activity in distance learning and online, creating a digital platform through which students receive training according to their requirements.

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