Low Tuition EU Countries for Masters Programs

If you want to undertake a masters degree outside of your country, but do not have the necessary finances to achieve that, why not think of studying in a low tuition EU country. Many EU countries have low tuition and affordable universities for international students. We will examine some of these countries in this article.


Italy is an affordable country to live in and visit. It is abundant in tourist attractions which of course is a delight to behold. It is not surprising then that Italy is drawing thousands of international students and tourists each year. It is home to the oldest university in Europe. Students who enrol in Italy can access numerous interesting masters degrees and benefit from low tuition fees.

Average Tuition Fees:  850 to 1000 EUR/year at public universities

Overall Living Costs:  1000 to 1,500 EUR/month.



German universities are popular for their world class education and cutting edge innovation, offered as part of its Masters programs. In Germany, you’ll find around 300 universities (out of which 10 are ranked in the top leading universities worldwide, with more than 900 international masters programs to choose from). It is true that the cost of living in some German cities might be higher compared to other cities in Europe. However, Germany is a very affordable country.

Tuition Fees in Germany: 0 EUR/year (at public universities)

Yearly Administration Fee: 100-200 EUR/year

Overall Living Cost: 800 EUR/year

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France is a desirable study abroad destination, preferred by students who are in love with the French culture. There are numerous higher education , available in over 40 cities. France is an affordable country to study abroad.

Tuition Fees: 200 to 300 EUR/year.

Overall Living Costs: 700-800/month.



Lithuania is home to more than 15 higher educational institutions that provide a significant number of english taught masters programs. The country welcomes over 3,000 international students yearly. Universities in Lithuania  focus on both theoretical and practical sides of teaching, offering students the opportunity to engage in educational, professional and practical work.

Average Tuition Fees: 1,500 to 3,000 EUR/year at public universities.

Overall Living Costs: 500 EUR/month



This is such an appealing country for international students because of its Mediterranean climate, friendly locals, affordable prices and the opportunity to learn or brush up your Spanish language skills. Make friends and enjoy the sun at low cost in Spain. With over 70 universities to choose from, you’ll find a suitable program for a masters degree.

Average Tuition: 1000 EUR/ year

Overall Living Costs: 800-950 EUR/year



Universities in Hungary cover a wide range of study options. There is low cost of living and a bustling city life. You can expect to receive nothing but high quality education.

Average Tuition Fees: 1000 to 3000 EUR/year

Overall Living Costs: 500 EUR/month.

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