List of US Universities offering Full Scholarships to International Students

Are you looking for the free higher education abroad? Then you are at the right place. Free universities or at least free tuition fee is not common in the United States for the international students. But there are many colleges and universities of which some are very prestigious who offers free tuition or other financial assistance to not only the local students but also to international students. I am not talking about any education loan here which caused more than $1trillion to the American students in last year only. I am referring to those colleges and universities who offers free tuitions by thoroughly examining the students. In this blog, I am going to tell you some of the universities who are providing free education. I selected these universities on the basis of their financial aid packages, quality of degree programs, types of courses for free tuitions only, faculty, rank and overall university reputation.

Deep Springs College:

This college is located in the Cattle Ranch and Alfalfa farm in Inyo County, California. They build exceptional abilities in the students which is why many of their students have turned down offers from the most prestigious universities in the USA. This university offers a full four-year degree program and takes admissions on several bases. During its admission process, the college prefers academic ability over everything. They give a chance to get admission to those students who possessed some leadership qualities and show some desire to be active and take some practical responsibility for the ongoing life of the Deep Spring Community. Their admission rates vary year to year. You have to get your SAT score at an average of 700 for math and in the upper 700 range for verbal. But if you managed to impress them with essay writing and in an interview, you could earn a chance to get a free higher education in a very reputable college.

Curtis Institute of Music:

It is one of the leading conservatories in the world. This Institute provides training and education to one of the most gifted musicians and enhances their abilities to perform on the grand stage. This institute offers performance diploma, Bachelors in Music, Master of music in opera and the professional studies certification. This school has trained 16% of the top 25 US orchestras principle chairs instrumentalists holders. More than 60 of their students have performed at the Metropolitan Opera, and two music directors of the New York Philharmonic has the degree from Curtis Institute of Music.
Curtis Institute acceptance rate is only 4% because they only accept students with the artistic promise. They take auditions of every student in personal without any limitation of age. They provide full tuition fee scholarship worth $36,500 to $46,500 based on the promise shown by the applicant.

Alice Lloyd College:

This college is located in the middle of Mountain region of Kentucky. This college has his campuses in other parts of the USA like Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. This is the liberal arts college and has students from 108 countries. This college has a very impressive student/faculty ratio of 17/1.
This college offers bachelor’s and pre-professional degree programs in medical, law, engineering and more. In 2013, this university was ranked at #39 in the best regional colleges. The acceptance rate of this college is 18%, and the SAT scores requirements are 460/590 in critical reading, 42/520 math and 440/480 in writing.
This college provides free tuition and the on-campus job where you have to work at least 160 hours per semester.

Harvard University:

Harvard is known to be the best university in the world. This university is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This university has around 20,000 students with an excellent 7:1 student/faculty ratio. Harvard has 6% of acceptance rate with very high SAT scores including 690/790 for critical reading, 700/800 Math, and 690/790 writing. Harvard University has need-blind admission policy however it also provides financial aid which entirely based on need-based. The financial aid policy of Harvard states that the parents with an income below $60,000 don’t have to pay any tuition fee. Moreover, home equity or retirement allowances also not considers, and this aid doesn’t include any loans. The accumulated tuition fee of Harvard University is more than $50,000 tuition fee and $14,000 accommodation fee which is entirely included in the financial aid. Their policy also has fixed parents income slots through which they charge tuition fees from them.

Yale University:

This university is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale is the top-ranked law school in the USA and also highly ranked in medicine, management, nursing and art. With their major fields, it is mandatory for students to study social sciences, humanities, arts and the natural sciences. Yale has 7.7% acceptance rate with the student/faculty ratio of 5/1 which is even better than its competitor Harvard. The SAT score that this university demand is 700/800 in critical reading, 710/790 in math and 710/800 in writing. The total cost of being a Yale University student is more than $60,000 which includes tuition, room and boards, books and personal expenses. However just like Harvard, if your parents’ income is less than $60,000 then you does not have to make any contribution to their child’s education.

Final Words:

Nearly every university offer some sort of financial aid or scholarships. All you have to do is to choose the best one by considering the worth and reputation of the university and analyzing yourself on their application process.

Author Bio:

Rocky Gil is the Master’s Degree holder from the Yale University in Literature and providing Cheap Dissertation for college students and writing blogs on the education to spread his knowledge to everyone.

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