List of Top ranking universities in Canada with Low Tuition fees.

It is a well known fact that Canada is a peaceful and serene country for locals, tourists and international students. Canada is renowned for the high standard of living of the populace but it is also a land of opportunities. Canada offers immigrants, students and vacationers avenues to enjoy the wonders of Canada.  Students from all over the world travel to study in Canada and a lot of the top ranking universities in Canada with affordable fees provide admission to international students.

Some of the Top ranking universities in Canada with affordable fees are:

  • Memorial university of Newfoundland:  This is a university with deeply rooted historical ties, MUN is also an affordable university in Canada. Courses like engineering, geology, law makes up the academic syllabus. The tuition fees starts from around $8800.
  • Simon Fraser University:  With an established student population of 30,000 students comprising of both graduate and undergraduate levels, SFU is one of the foremost universities in Canada. Consistent rankings has placed SFU as one of the best universities to pursue a degree in, it is a wonder why it so affordable to school here. Tuition ranges from $2660-$10,807.
  • University of Saskatchewan: Founded in April 3, 1907, University of Saskatchewan is one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Canada. Doors of this prestigious institution of further learning are open to race, tribe and creed, with just about $12,000, a student can pursue a university degree in the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Athabasca University: Undoubtedly, a pioneer university in online distance learning, Athabasca University provides a different scope of affordability to student’s intent on furthering their studies. 27,107 undergraduate and 77 undergraduate makes AU a choice destination for student looking for affordable tuition in Canada. Tuition fees range between $9,440-$10,490.

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  • Dominican university: Catholic institutions generally have sterling reputation and the Dominican university does not fall short. Located in Ottawa and founded in 1900, Dominican university is primarily a Theology and Philosophy university and has a small student base. Just $5,000 will get the student started on tuition to this catholic school.
  • Brandon University: Manitoba is where the Brandon University is located. Ranked with the best student to faculty ratio in Canada, Brandon pays attention to its student’s body. Liberal arts and science are the foundation of its curriculum, the tuition fees starts from $6219 and makes a top ranking universities in Canada with affordable fees.
  • The University of Winnipeg: U of W as it is abbreviated, offers undergraduate courses in the faculties of business, art, law etc. U of W maintains a very active university sport programs that includes opportunities for soccer, volley ball and other sports to be played semi-professionally by students without encroaching on their academic program. (Tuition from $12,000)
  • The king’s university: The king’s university Canada is a Christian university offering various bachelor degrees. The university has students from about 16 nations and a reasonable acceptance rate.($9,920 as starting tuition fee)

Southern Alberta institute of technology: Southern Alberta institute of technology abbreviated as SAIT is one of the bigger institutions in Canada with over 100 career programs. The bursary and financial unit of the school offers scholarships that total $4,000,000 monthly. Tuition in the university is from $5000-7000

  • Acadia University: Acadia University is a predominant undergraduate school but it offers some graduate and doctoral programs. Faculty student ratio is an impressive 15:1, this translates to a rather small student body thus providing opportunities for the students of the university to get the most value for their money whilst schooling. The tuition is about $14,500.

Students intending to school in Canada have a lot going for them like:

Affordable education: IIt might interest you to know that Canada unlike the US, UK and other first world countries has universities offering university education on low tuition. Coupled with the fact that the standard of education in Canada world class, Canada proves to be a catch for educational tourism.

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Multicultural environment: Canada harbours different people from different countries around the world.  The Top ranking universities in Canada with affordable fees even makes the already multicultural society to be more diverse.

Intriguing campus lifestyle: Most of the top ranking universities in Canada with affordable fees plays host to a variety of individuals with varying personalities and majority reside in the campuses. Because of this, campuses are filled with fun and intrigues that contribute to a more wholesome university experience.

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