List Of Top Medical Universities in Australia With Tuition Fees

You might want to study medicine in Australia and have been searching for top medical universities in that country. Well I have decided to make the work easy by posting a list of top medical universities in Australia for international students. The tuition fees is high but not as high as what you get in US or UK, but if you cannot afford it, then look into some low tuition universities in Europe that study medicine at an affordable rate. I have written alot of articles on that and you can get it here.   Medical program in Australia is offered as undergraduate and postgraduate programs.The postgraduate program is known as the Doctor of Medicine.The undergraduate programme program is also known as Bachelor of Surgery.Some Australian universities only teach postgraduate medicine,while others offer only undergraduate programs.Medical tuition fee for Australian medical universities are affordable when compared to medical schools in USA and Canada.

List of Top Medical Universities

Sydney Medical School

Sydney Medical School is ranked number 1 in Australia and has excellent clinical training facilities at a range of teaching hospitals.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

The Bachelor of Medicine and surgery is a four year, professional  graduate entry medical degree comprising basic and clinical sciences,clinical knowledge and skills.Note that the MBBS is no longer on offer at Sydney Medical School. It was replaced by Doctor of Medicine recently.The last cohort of medical students admitted to the MBBS at Sydney Medical School was in 2013.Years 1 and 2 will be spent on the main university campus at Camperdow, while clinical training commerces in the first weeks.Years 3,4 students are based in their clinical school.

Tuition Fees

$76,000 AUD

The University of Melbourne Medical School

The University of Melbourne Medical School now offers Doctor of Medicine program.Melbourne MD. This is a four year, graduate entry medical program with huge emphasis on quality teaching and research.The MD program also includes one year of bioscience foundation learning, six months of full time research and two and a hlaf years of clinical training in partner universities, clinics and GP surgeries.

Tuition Fees

$81,344 AUD

Monash University Medical School

Monash University is home to major research facilities, including the Australian Synchrotron, Monash Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct. The Australian Stem Cell, 100 research centres and 17 co-operative research centres.

In the Bachelor of Medicine Science/Doctor of Medicine, students will:

  • Understand basic medical science through patient based presentation and discussions in small groups.
  • Gain real clinical experience in various locations including metropolitan and rural hospitals and rural hospitals
  • Learn  about integrated medicine, surgery and pathophysiology
  • Consolidate their knowledge through further clinical practise and an intensive research.

Tuition Fees

$74,000 AUD

University of Queensland Medical School

The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine conducts a four year, graduate entry medical program.This is a professional entry extended masters medical training program which replaced the MBBS in 2015.The faculty combines two research intensive schools, medical education and five hospital based faciilities.

Tuition Fees

$73,000 AUD

Like I said earlier, if these schools are too expensive for your budget, you can consider studying in countries with low tuition universities like Russia, Georgia, Belarus or China where the tuition fees for Medicine is in the range of $3000 to $6000 per year.

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