List of top 10 Low Tuition Universities plus tuition fees in the United States (US)

aMERICA 101When we say low tuition universities in the US, we mean list of the cheapest universities operating very low tuition in the states. They are mostly 4 year universities, both private and large. This list does not contain inexpensive universities and community colleges. That said, you wont find Ivy league colleges on this list.

  • Haskell Indian Nations University. Tuition: $430 a year
  • Dine College. Tuition: $850 a year
  • Sitting Bull College. Tuition: $939 a year
  • University of Texas-Pan American . Tuition: $1645 a year
  • Brazosport College: Tuition: $1692 a year
  • Palm Beach College. Tuition: $2158
  • Midland College. Tuition: $2,200
  • Macon State College. Tuition: $2,354 a year
  • Great Basin College. Tuition:$ 2,234 a year
  • Broward College. Tuition: $2,274 a year

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