List of Top 5 Universities in Canada


   (1) McGil University:


This university is ranked 24th in the world and had previously overtaken the University of Toronto to reclaim its previous position as the highest ranking university in Canada.Founded in 1821, it has international students from more than 50 countries of the world and has been voted first in Canada among medical doctoral universities for 10 years.

   (2) University of Toronto

Currently ranked number 34th in the world, the university of Toronto is located in Canada’s largest city. Its areas of acclaim include literary criticism, communication and theory,and a wide range of research innovations including being the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research.

   (3) University of British Columbia

Over the wide coast, the university of British Columbia ranks 50th in the world and is home to more than 60,000 students at its campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna.

  (4) university of Alberta

The University of Alberta is a major economic driver in Alberta and has been particularly well respected for its arts and humanities offerings.

  (5) Universite de Montreal

The University de Montreal is one of Canada’s major research centres allocating more than $524 million to research conducted in more than 150 centres. It ranks 115th in the world and has about 7,000 international students.


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