List of top 2 low tuition countries in Europe

 RUSSIAStudy in Austria

Are you an international student on a search for a country with affordable universities to apply to-search no more! Austria has a reputable educational standard plus a long list of cheap and affordable higher institutions. It might interest you to know that international applicants from economically disadvantaged countries are even exempted from paying tuition fees. If  you ever want to study in Europe but don’t have the funds to study in the UK or Ireland, then Austria is for you. Also, you might want to know that Austria is the new Germany with numerous internship/job opportunities to facilitate work and study during and after your program. Once you’ve learnt the Austrian language (German ), you will find numerous well paying jobs in Austria.We will put you through the application process of how to apply for admission abroad in Austria plus the requirements

How to apply

Regardless if you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you are expected to  submit your completed application to the university or college of your choice by working on the  steps shown below:

  • Reach out to your university’s admissions Office to ask about the application form. Although in most cases the application form can be accessed on the institution’s website, but in very rare cases you may have it mailed to your home adresss.
  • You should be ready to submit additional documents to prove you satisfy all of the admission requirements for the courses or study programs of your choice.
  • Do well to fill in your application form correctly and return to your university promptly along with LEGALIZED or CERTIFIED copies of the supporting documentS.
  • You will be notified whether you have finally been admitted. Upon admission, your university will issue a student pass no matter you are an undergraduate or graduate student. The student pass is used to prove you have become a member of the university you applied for.
  • Please, note that your educational background and grade point average from your upper secondary school studies will determine whether you qualify for the program/s you applied for

General requirements

  • Undergraduate Program

For eligibility into an undergraduate program, applicants will be required to possess a valid/certified school leaving certificate as well as qualify for university education in their home country.If that’s the case, they may also qualify for higher education studies in Austria. However, applicants will be required to prove their level of English and/or German. In any case, please check with your university for  the language requirement.

Master’s Program

You are eligible for a master’s degree program at any university in Austria, if you possess a relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for EU students and exchange students

You should budget roughly EUR 750 per academic year for tuition fees.

Tuition fees for international students

If you are an international student, you should budget roughly EUR 1400 per academic year for your tuition fees

List of cheap tuition Universities

Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

Burgenland University of Applied Sciences

Campus 02 University of Applied Sciences

Graz University of Technology

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Medical University of Graz

Medical University of Innsbruck


Study in Russia

If you are an international student seeking a country with top quality education and low tuition fees in Europe, Russia could be a top choice!  Russia is currently the world’s largest nation with a population size of 143.5 million people. This beautiful country  is bordered by European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Currently,  several international students are  choosing to study in Russia because of it’s low cost of living, cheap tuition fees, and top quality higher education. Apart from these, benefits, international students studying in Russia will have the unique prospect of learning the Russian language and culture.

Tuition cost of studying in Russia

Tuition fees of Russian universities remain  one of the lowest on the continent. For academic programs in the Russian medium, the  fees will range from $1500 to $2000 per year and for English medium, it’s usually $3000 to $5000 per year.

How to apply

If interested candidates hoping to apply, your application will be carried by recognized Russian travel agencies. Please check for a designated admissions/travel agency designated by Russian universities and available in your country.

List of cheap Universities in Russia

  • Amur state university
  • Altai state university
  • Baltic state technical university
  • Bashkir state university
  • Chuvash state university
  • Don state technical university
  • East-siberian state technical university
  • European university of st. Petersburg
  • International East-European university
  • International university of engineering, Moscow
  • Irkutsk state university
  • Ivanovo state Academy of medicine
  • Ivanovo state power university
  • Kazan state university
  • Kemerovo state university
  • Kazan state university of technology
  • Kuban state university
  • Kursk state medical university
  • Lipeck state technical university
  • Modern university for the humanities
  • Moscow institute of physics and technology
  • Moscow state academy of applied biotechnology
  • Moscow state industrial university
  • Moscow state institute of international relations
  • Moscow state technical university of civil aviation
  • Moscow state university


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