List of the Best American Universities For International Students

united-1The States is the number one choice at all levels of study when it comes to foreign students looking to further their education. Apart from studying, there is so much more that America has  to offer in terms of cultural attractions and other benefits. However, it can’t be denied that American universities dominate the world rankings when it comes to higher education!

Even more, America also benefits from an influx of foreign students. When there is a strong international presence at a college or university, it enriches the lives of everyone involved. There is an added diversity with students sharing and exchanging their different cultural ideas on everything from traditions to food and music. Foreign students may also find it easier to integrate into their chosen society when there is a varied population. They will not feel as lonely as they might somewhere where there are fewer foreigners.

Best universities for International Students

New York, Texas, and California are the three states that most foreign students choose when considering where to study in the United States. Along with Pennsylvania, these three states each boast three universities in the top twenty-five American universities list with the most foreign students. New York University has the highest number of students from abroad, with thirty percent foreigners on campus. Of the top twenty-five, more than two hundred thousand foreign students attend these, which make up over twenty percent of international students in America.

All in all United States boast some of the best universities for international students, so choosing just one can be challenging. Below, we will try to briefly describe some of the top listed establishments.

New York

In New York, both the Ivy League Columbia University and New York University are equally renowned for their status as top-ranking universities. Many international students would set their sights and be happy to study at either of these two institutions.


On the other side of the country, in California, again there is a plethora of high-ranking educational establishments. In the San Francisco Bay area there are the UC San Francisco and the UC Berkeley but the highest ranking university in the area is Sanford, a private institution which is currently ranked at number ten in the world rankings.


Of the seven in Texas, the two most popular universities and the two highest-ranked are the University of Texas at Austin Rice University.


Boston, in Massachusetts, is another very popular destination for foreign students. It is a very cultural city renowned for its arts and politics especially. It is also a very colorful and beautiful part of the country, especially in the autumn.

Because of the sheer number of top quality universities in the United States, a foreign student is sure to find one in the setting they desire and with the subject they choose to study. Even if their first choice doesn’t work out, it is not uncommon for students to move around in America. And that is without losing academic credit and having to start over again.

Degrees and admissions

A student may need to take an admission test, but this depends on their academic level and the subject they wish to study. Undergraduate degrees in America usually take four years to complete and the Academic year is split into two terms or semesters. Once in the autumn from late August until December and the other in the spring; from January until May!

A foreign student would need to get used to a lot of cultural differences not least of which is the academic terminology, American universities are geared up for this, though, and there are rarely any problems for students from overseas fitting in and doing well at their chosen place of education.

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