List of Scholarships to study on Low Tuition in South Africa

In truth, studying in South Africa is a truly wonderful experience. You’ll experience life in a really diverse and complex republic. Post-apartheid South Africa has engineered real progress in achieving a truly democratic society that lays emphasis on making diversity  celebrated as an essential part of national identity. South Africa offers a lot in terms of striking wildlife, diverse and scenic towns. South African can provide adventurous stay to international student looking for something different. Schooling can be merged with part-time jobs to provide a student with valuable real life experiencing and a solid academic foundation. Today, we will discuss scholarships you can apply to in order to study on low tuition in South Africa.

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Reasons to study in South Africa.

Before listing the scholarships to study in South Africa, it is impertinent that you as a students should know some of the important reasons for studying in South Africa. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  1. Massive budget spent on education: The South African government invests averagely 21% of their GDP on the educational sector, this is relatively close to the recommendation by the United Nations which is 26%. Spending such a significant amount of money on the education sector translates to quality education in federal tertiary institutions. International students can equally benefit from the largess of the government through scholarships and grant.
  2. Employment opportunities: South African is one of the countries that is moving from semi-developed to developed. As expected, these changes are not without positive benefits. Due to the economic impact of the migration from semi-developed to developed, South Africa will need to populate its work force and who better to do it than graduates from the quality higher institutions that populate the country.
  3. Multicultural society: During Apartheid, South Africa was known for violence and racial aggravation but now, after apartheid, South Africa has changed drastically. Different tribes, such as the Chinese, Indians, Nigerian, Dutch, Pakistani, America, British, Ugandan etc. are all ably represented in South Arica. Such a multicultural society trains a student in tolerance and appreciation of human rights.

A comprehensive list of Scholarships to study in South Africa.


  • Bertha Scholarships for social innovators in Africa. This scholarship is a Social innovation scholarships targeted entrepreneurs study their MBA or MPhil in South Africa. The main fields that the scholarship caters to are finance, healthcare, and education.
  • MTN solutions space scholarships for Africa.  MTN offers this scholarship to a new generation of thinkers and leaders looking to build, innovate and transform Africa. The scholarship is a postgraduate level scholarships and it’s only eligible for Africans.
  • MasterCard Foundation scholarship program for African: With a mandate to educate and cultivate academically sound but financially disadvantaged youth in Africa who will grow to become the thinkers and movers of their time and generation. The scholarships purse is worth $500 million and will see the beneficiaries through their stay in any university of their choice.
  • DRD scholarships for sub-Saharan Africans: The DRD is a scholarship for African students with sterling academic records to study in the university of the Western Cape.
  • Canon Collins postgraduate scholarships for Africans: The canon Collins scholarship targets African students from a selection of African universities who wish to study any program of their choice at the postgraduate level in any university in South Africa.
  • Commonwealth international scholarship: This is a highly sought after scholarships in South Africa, the scholarship covers the expenses of successful candidates. The scholarships is for Master’s Degree and it is not for every South African university.
  • Mandela Rhodes scholarship: Beneficiaries of this scholarships will undergo a high-level leadership program and during the duration of the program they are given support financially. Undergraduate and post graduates re eligible for the scholarships

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Kinds of Scholarships to study in South Africa.

1-      Merit based– These merit based scholarships are scholarships awarded to the most exceptional and distinguished students. Merit based scholarships are generally awarded to recognise specific achievements. Like the overall best student in a state during the state, exams might be given the scholarship to study any course of his or her choice in any university in the South Africa.

2-       Need based– Note that students that are not eligible for merit based scholarships, for various reasons, are able to apply for a need based scholarship. Need based are more rampant than merit based scholarship

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