List of Scholarships to study in the United States(International students)

schThe US is home to the most expensive higher education system in the world. Although tuition fees are just above costly, there are many free scholarship opportunities specifically for international students, so don’t dispair. Here’s a list of five such university scholarships and information on how to apply for each.

Harvard University Scholarships

We all know Harvard University. What might be interesting to know now is that  Harvard  has funding opportunities on offer to international students from many countries all over the world, including China, Brazil and Australia to name but a few. There is a Harvard Committee on General Scholarships put together to select the lucky scholars from the list of applications they receive regularly. Candidates are nominated through the Harvard school in which they registered. Rules for submitting documents that prove your eligibility for these scholarships are available at Financial Aid Office of the  Harvard school  you’re interested in. Go to for more information

Illinois State University International Awards

There are scholarships like the Presidential scholarship which pays up to $11 000 per year for four years. Students eligible for this scholarship receive invitations to apply from the Office of Admissions. Go to for more imtformation on this scholarship.

Michigan State University International Scholarships

There are not many funding opportunities available to international students at the Michigan State University, the university tracks international students financial statuses even when they are already in their studies and invite them to apply for scholarships and/ or study loans
University of Minnesota International excellence Scholarships

Tuition fees for international students are higher than tuition fees for American students. This scholarship covers the extra academic costs that international students incur for four years of their studies at the University of Minnesota. It may cover half of the extra costs or  the full amount of the extra costs. Students’ applications for the university are the ones used to assess eligibility for these scholarships, so no further application is needed. Students with financial need, will  need to provide proof for some academic scholarships. Get more information at

University of Wisconsin Superior Non- resident Tuition waiver Program

The scholarship is available to non-resident students who are at graduate and undergraduate levels. Those who are admitted into the university first, because of early application will receive the scholarships. Their academic status will be tracked; undergraduate students have to acquire no less than 12 credits per semester, while graduate students have to acquire at least 9 credits.

Go to  for more information.


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