List of Ph.D Programs All Over the World for International Students

Are you thinking of pursuing your Phd. abroad? There are several reasons as to why one would like to study in a foreign country. It could be that the host country has better performance in academics or it could be the thrill to experience a new culture while improving your knowledge, at the same time.


For an international student, it may be difficult to find the right fit in your search for a suitable Phd writing service. In this article, we hope to make your work easy by giving you a list of Phd. programs that you could check out. They include:


Phd. programs for International Students

While successfully getting admission to a particular Phd. program is difficult; the process is made harder by the need to find adequate finances to enable you to be a participant in the program, once admitted. Below is a list of Phd. programs around the world that are entirely funded by the government of the particular countries:


This program gives International applicants a chance to participate in any Phd. program, by coursework or research that is relevant to the host country. The program provides candidates with a scholarship for up to four years. The participants have to be pursuing a course or Ph.D. level in a University or Institution of Higher Learning in Australia.


  • Full Bright Foreign Student Program in the USA

Under the Full Bright Program, successful applicants receive funding that is meant to sustain them during the duration of their study or research in the USA. The funding includes; airfare, health insurance, grant funds tuition, etc. It targets international students from about 155 countries in the world.


  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship in Switzerland

It is an annual program that gives international students an opportunity to pursue further studies or carry out research in the country. The eligibility criteria depend on the country of the student as the eligible candidates are from 180 countries according to their criteria. If you get the scholarship, it will cover, housing allowance, monthly payments, exemption of tuition fees, etc.


The program targets international students from specific countries in Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia. The candidates selected are given the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn skills that will help them develop their home country. Your choice of study should be one that is relevant to your own country’s development needs, e.g. private sector development, renewable energy, and much more.


If you are not lucky enough to secure a spot in any of the above programs, you can search for university-based scholarship programs for Phd students. Also, you have the option of working as a teaching assistant or a research assistant, during the duration of your studies. Such programs are usually referred to as Phd Studentships.


You may find an advertisement of such opportunities on the website of the school or program that you will be participating in. You can also approach your supervisor and ask if there is any such opportunity. After all, you lose nothing by asking.


Choosing to pursue a Phd program is a platform to expand your knowledge and improve your skill set. Once you are through the admission hustle and can find adequate financing for the program, you can start researching on concept paper topic. It should be much of a burden as you can always find a thesis maker online that will get you started.


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