List of Low tuition universities in Mexico and how to apply

mexicoMexico is geographically a country in North America. It lies close to several  US states such as: Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona. Mexico is truly a Latin American country – with its own unique culture and people. There are several low tuition/cheap universities in Mexico for International students. Since Spanish is the dominant language of instruction, you will be required to have knowledge of Spanish.

Mexico currently has the second biggest economy in Latin America after Brazil. Infact,  Mexico has been named one of the ‘TIMBI’ group of countries (along with Turkey, India, Brazil, and Indonesia), which are following close behind the ‘BRICS’ nations as the world’s fastest-growing economies. That said, there are potential internship and employment opportunties for international students in view of its booming economy.

Tuition fees and Cost of Living

Please note that tuition fees at universities in Mexico vary depending on the course and instutition you’ve chosen. Although the average costs of higher education overall are around US$5,000 per year, this varies quite a lot. Public universities in Mexico can charge as little as US$350 up to US$850 per year for undergraduate programs, while private institutions will charge considerably more, between US$1,600 and US$16,400 per year, averaging at US$11,700.

The cost of living in mexico is considerably low compared to to other developed countries. Housing in Mexico’s major cities can cost between US$150-200 per month, and even less outside of the center. Travelling within Mexico is very affordable, with the metro train costing US$3 per day for unlimited use and buses costing US$2 per journey.

Other costs, including housing, transport, food and drink, is in the range of US$400 on a strict budget and as little as US$500 on a more standard budget. If you plan to travel, shop and eat out a fair bit, it is advisable you budget wisely. When working out your total expenditure you should also take into account that international students are not eligible to gain paid work within Mexico

How to apply

To apply to universities in Mexico,  you will be required to apply directly to the university. Note that admissions requirements vary depending on the institution but generally, you may be asked to take an entrance exam, and/or a teUniversidad Autónoma de Baja Californist of language proficiency depending on your circumstances


List of low tuition Universities

Universidad de Monterrey

Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

Universidad del Valle de México

Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

Universidad Autónoma de Campeche

Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit

Universidad Autónoma de Estado de Hidalgo


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