List of Low Tuition Medical and Engineering Universities for International Students

There are a number of affordable medical and engineering universities that are available that you can apply to for your degrees. You could either stick to your home country or seek foreign qualification. But with the students, budget constraints are a major issue.

So, therefore, we have brought you a list that will provide assistance in terms of affordable medical and engineering degrees.

1.      Pennsylvania State University for (BS) Biomedical Engineering

The two of the most sought after degrees are available at PSU. Rather they are combined to offer a roadmap for science-minded individuals. They have following majors; biochemistry, biomechanics, biomaterials, medical imaging, and devices.

Students are provided with maximum leverage in terms of choosing from the above list and tailor their career path. Penn State (as it is often called) is one of the globally recognized institutions in the world and students earning their degrees have a world of opportunities at their disposal.

The rating stands at 72.84 among the list of colleges and is affordable with a price of 24,200 USD/year.

2.      The university of Alabama for (BS) Biomedical Engineering

The coursework here encompasses classes in engineering, physics, math, chemistry, and biology. It is an academic that has been weaved into one, beautifully. But yet these are just the tip of the iceberg. Seniors are required to lend their input in ‘capstone course’ where they have to propose solutions to the real world problems.

This is a pre-requisite to earning the BS degree is hailed as one of the fine examples of practical coursework alongside theory so that they can master the art of medicine and engineering when the step into their professional careers.

Here students can be observed being intrinsically motivated as they have the opportunity for undergraduate research and a five-year accelerated Master’s degree. The affordability structure is 13,982/year and the institution ranks with the score of 72.88 among the top list of schools in the said domain.

3.      The university of Arkansas for (BSBME) Biomedical Engineering

Conventionally, biomedical engineering application has mainly been restricted to optimize technology for improving health-related matters. With advancements, it has redesigned the overall structure. And that is precisely why the University of Arkansas has incorporated a specialized curriculum in molecular genetics and disease detection.

This way pupils will be able to learn about nanotechnology, tissue engineering, in addition to, regenerative medicine. It is en route to becoming one of the paramount institutions in the field of medical and engineering.


4.      The university of Pennsylvania for (BSE) Bioengineering

For the Ivy League comes into play Ivy League level education and that is the core intent of University of Pennsylvania’s existence as it prepares students for diversified career pathways. UPenn (as this one is often called) offer flexibility to students in pursuing their studies.

If you decide to enroll at UPenn, make sure you either sign up for BS in Bioengineering or BAS in Biomedical Science. It open doors to dimensions of business, law, and medicine. Extracurricular activities are a must and in the union, the completion of coursework can be achieved.

Famous Global Biomedical Service Program, “CommuniTech” and “world-famous biomedical research lab” are all at UPenn. The course, however, spans over four years and it is often asked; how can a course this extensive be squeezed into a mere four years’ time?

5.      CUNY City College for (BE) Biomedical Engineering

The edge CUNY over its competition is that the fee structure costs only 7,125 USD/year which makes it the most affordable biomedical engineering institute in the whole wide world. And by no means, the worth of its degree is any less (just because it weighs less in terms of its price).

It has designed its curriculum in such a way that it has extensive engineering topics such as physiological processes and the economic impact of biomedical technology, although, it lacks in tailored coursework. But still, it manages to account for it by providing research and internship opportunities for its students.

Students can even opt for a renewable research scholarship that ranges from 500-2000 USD to fund their faculty lab or a local hospital. It has a score of 76.89 in the list of medical and engineering universities.

6.      Duke University for (BSE) in Biomedical Engineering

Those opting to enroll for a biomedical engineering degree has to be a distinct group of students. Duke University realized that and thus, offers an expansive framework for their growth which appeals to their interest, technical and creative talents.

They can either choose to study one of the four disciplines or pursue a bi-majors. They can even follow an independent study path. “Duke Smart Home Fellows” is a program offered by Duke University and it enables students to specialize in projects such as smart technology and sustainable living.

Above are few of the affordable medical and engineering universities for your perusal. They are suggestions, so choose wisely.


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